Avenger of Shinjuku?

I have Lobo, and he’s very good. I don’t regret leveling him at all. He’s very useful whenever Rulers appear (and despite everyone claiming they’re “rare,” they have shown up a decent amount this year and are a pain to handle with anything else). Nothing wrong with having a set niche, and Ruler killer is a respectable one. Yes, having someone around to generate stars for him to absorb helps, but it isn’t like he falls apart otherwise. His buff removal is incredibly useful in challenge quests, particularly ones where Rulers show up (which tends to be the case for ones like Amakusa). And if you have Skadi (as I believe you said you do), so much the better. He’ll work really well with her.

I’ve had Lobo leveled for ages, and I don’t think I’ve ever used him. I just don’t find Rulers all that dangerous, and 'Zerkers work perfectly well for them, anyway. He’s decent with Skadi, but there’s a a good chance you have better options in most cases.

Because I can’t bring myself to burn him. He’s already died enough for me.

The answer is simple then, stop having him die in regular battles and get rid of the extras in archive. If you’re that broken up over him dying that you’re keeping extra copies around then you’re broken up enough to just use a different strategy that doesn’t involve Arash dying. :fgo_elementarymydear:

As for the main question, I’ve never had an issue with Hessian Lobo not getting crits. He is certainly more fragile than Gorgon because they refuse to give him an evade based on The Invisible Man, but against Rulers he’s fine. I don’t typically bring him elsewhere that often since I don’t typically bring Extra classes to neutral situations aside from Mash, so I can’t really give advice on that sort of thing.

If you want to test him out I could clear out a spot for you to ally and you can use my max skilled NP1 Lobo to see what you think of him, just let me know what CE to give him and what your in-game name is so that I know who to accept if you’re interested (that is, unless I’m already allied to you without knowing it, which is possible).

Frankly, Avenger is just a pretty underwhelming class, mechanically. They generally have high attack and lowish HP, but basically never get class advantage, so they end up something like a Berserker-lite, sacrificing a little damage for a little durability. That generally isn’t a good trade in FGO. The only notable Avengers are ones like Dantes, which only work in extremely specific team comps, or Jalter, who is just a really convenient, generic buster crit machine (and even Jalter has slipped out of top tier, as more specific options have become available).

Lobo suffers from being a pretty average member of a below average class, which makes him rarely the best choice for an attacker. He, like many class-agnostic attackers, can be valuable to a newer account, but once you have class-advantaged choices available, you’ll rarely find opportunity to field him.

Well seeing as I have Nyalter I guess that just devalues Lobo even more as a ST quick DPS. He’ll just sit at 25 for now until I can get more crit oriented support assets or his interlude drops.

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I appreciate the offer but I don’t think I’ll be using him anytime soon. He just sounds too problematic and needs too much work to be good.

Oh, yeah, I’d take Nyalter over Lobo any day.

he’s fun to use. Even when not fighting against rulers his crits chunk quite a damage.

To be fair, outside of Nobunaga, the ssr avengers are generally good for what they do. Even if Jalter is not top tier, she is a really nice neutral damage option and more or less the de facto ruler slayer.

I think the lower rarity ones are bad specifically because they cannot take advantage of the neutral damage benefit. Heck, Nobu is not really as awful as people say imo, especially within her niche of anti divine.

It really just is a case of “better options” rather than them being inherently bad. For the 5 stars. The rest are kind of bad.

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I was saying. Avenger is an awkward class that tends to be the second or third best choice for any given quest, depending on what other options you have available.

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You say that, but I believe the upcoming arts meta will be very kind to Salieri. As for Gorgon and Lobo yeah…I think they’re just a case of bad servant design. I imagine its hard to design Avengers because they’re the class that relies on neutral damage the most I think. You have to balance them such that they’re good but not so OP that they blow class advantage options out the window. Then balancing that level of quality with the middle of the pack 4 star rarity makes it even harder.

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