Avicebron friend point summon pool

Does anyone know if Avicebron is availabe in FP summon pool?


I believe they usually get added after you beat the singularity

Is when the first Anastasia banner ends


Exactly, @terranort_asashin is right. Once the banner is over, he is added to everyone’s FP pool. Story progress is irrelevant.


I hope I can coax him out of FPs faster than inshun, I think I got every other silver lancer 2-3 times before he came once via FPs…

Is this the same with Salieri?

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Salieri is story-locked unfortunately, which means you can’t get him from FP summon. Just from story summon, rate-ups that feature him and extra class banners.

Man that’s a real bummer

Yep, story-locked 3 stars are bad civilization. Limited 3 stars are even worse civilization, but story-locked is still bad. :fgo_badciv:

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at least he is the only 3* extra class so if you roll the extra class banner (whenever that shows up) you are guaranteed at least 1 copy of him.

what’s the rate for a specific 3* in fp anyway? I have been doing fp summon everyday and I have only gotten 1 inshun from it

We don’t have the percent of any servant of the FP gacha si how knows, and the percent of get a Salieri un the extra class banner is 40%

I just mean a 10 pull from extra class banner has to have at least 1 salieri because it has to give a 3*

Not really,you can get a lot of 3 star ce’s and 0 servants

you will get 1 servant in a 10 pull though

Could by lobo or something like that

True I suppose it is not impossible to get one 4*/5* servant and 9 CEs. Must be nice to have that kind of luck

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