Avicebron General Discussion

I’m actually writing this super quickly, right now. You can start reading already if you want to "read along"as it where.

Let me know if I make some errors and stuff. I want to add already that I am actually supremely disappointed we put him in T3, but I’ll leave that for the Tier Change Log.


If we look at him as competing with other 3*s, I’d definitely grant him a T2 spot instead of T3.

That kind of battery combined with his in-kit buffs makes for a very rare and potent combo even if you don’t factor in his gimmick. Sure, his ATK is awful, but he’s a 3* Caster, so I think some expectation management is in order.

Given his easy NP5 status and the aforementioned self buffs, he’s in a pretty strong position for his rarity.

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His third skill though, Fig Three of Tranquility, works a little differently.

Tree, not Three.

I know. grmbl.


He’s good at clearing waves from what I’ve used him for in JP, but I also really like making use of his third skill along with a taunt or sacrifice ready for him. Works out really great if you can time it right.

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Cheers for the Tree corrections - writeup all done now. Adding Tier Explanations and inserting in Tier list.

When does he hit the fp summons? After the Anastasia banner is over? Will he sneak into round two of the caster class banner?

How does his NP damage compare to paracelsus?

I’m shocked that Kscope and Imaginary Element weren’t the first things that came to mind for his CE selection.

Big battery screams DOUBLE NP WITH ME

And sad he’s T3—Avicebron’s best CQ use imo is in fastburn (crit) comps where he can come in, pop S3, eat an NP, maybe and break some low-HP bars with his easily-charged NP, and bow out.

I haven’t run any numbers for Apocrypha or GilFest farming but I assume with the massive damage boosts from the CE that giant battery is going to be a lifesaver for many f2p masters. I know GilFest has an Assassin node too.


We need an “Avicebron Underrated” meme.


no we don’t

Avicebron look pretty good,T3 is too low for him

Those arguments alone would also put Paracelsus in T2, who resides in T5 now. Avice has a little more NP damage (~15k as opposed to 12.5k) but Paracelsus has more team utility in my opinion.
I wonder if it’s really justified to put two or even three tiers between the two servants.

Everyone agrees that Paracelsus’s tier is grossly wrong.


Good to know :D at least I’ve been arguing this for a while now

Yeah, T5 is harsh even for his current version. Once that Rank Up takes effect on global, his other good qualities will probably get more attention as well.


Yeah, he’s at least like T3 rn.

Oh he’s a perfect substitute to Paracelsus for my lotto team I told you about. Definitely gonna be in both my R1 and R2 teams.

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I’ll explain more in the Tier list Change Log, but Paracelsus is also getting a move even now.

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To respond to the Kscope/Element suggestions, my argument for why he’s more suited for Sanzang style CEs over Paracelsus style CEs, is that the 80% NP Charge without a refund (Buster NP) does make things more complicated especially if you have not maxed his skills.

Meanwhile, the sheer buffing potential/damage you can extract in Memelin-dumped grail stuff, or his Event farming, is much more interesting. To me anyway.

IMHO, if you want to clear 2 waves with a Servant, Paracelsus sets the group up so much better.


I mean, that’s fair.

I was thinking that, especially for events like GilFest, Superscope Avicebron might have the damage where Paracelsus doesn’t.