Awakening Banner (spoilers)

-screams in Emmeryn-

They finally added her! Also what happened to Say’ri’s VA?
Who’s excited for what unit?


I’m definitely most excited for Emmeryn. I really hope they reveal how exactly we can get her (orbs, Grails, etc.)


Wait we’re getting Emmeryn?


Hopefully a new game mode that’s not L/M heavy or scoring based (like AR/Arena/MS)… just a game mode to have fun doing that has no stamina besides the base stamina to it so we can enjoy it more


She’s in the meet the new hero’s coming in as a Healer

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Find her art here, she looks really pretty


Why can’t I like a post twice :catcry:

Knowing IS they’ll make the mode competitive/resource-hungry in some way that will demand we spend our orbs, one way or another. No faith until I see results from them that say otherwise.


Oh great, Emmeryn. Because she was definitely a memorable character.

Remember when she fell?


Something to add to this…

A game mode that they don’t later down the line has something you buy to get something from it… aka Hall of Forma and their Forma soul’s especially with how much 1 cost’s… sure it’s a good deal for what you get… but just make the game mode completely f2p friendly


She’s more memorable than Kronya… and we have her so I don’t see any problem


Kronya had potential and it was squandered. Only reason why she’s still remembered is because she’s one of the best dagger units in game (and… The other thing).

Emmeryn had a few lines of dialog and then fell, then somehow survived later on down the line with amnesia if I’m remembering right.

And she’s a healer, so it’s not like she’ll have something super interesting unless IS surprises me.

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Kronya is only good because IS made her that way I mean look at Death Knight and hope annoying powerful he was then IS ■■■■■■ him over… we literally only see Kronya for like 5 min (longer depending how long you take on the single map you see her) while Emmeryn at least plays a somewhat role in the story up until she fall’s if I’m not mistaken and even then you still see her more than Kronya


Maybe if Emmeryn was a mage or something, then sure, but with their complete avoidance when it comes to giving healers prf refines, most healers look pretty much the same aside from a few like Veronica, Loki, etc.

Not only was she hardly memorable in Awakening, but she’ll be hardly memorable in Heroes most likely.



I mean… it would also completely depend on her stats and if she does come with her own Prf or not… yah it’s true that they don’t like giving healers Prf’s besides the few cases like Brave, Seasonal, or OC… but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t be the first normal healer to come with a Prf… then it would also depend on her skill’s she comes with, because even if a grail unit… if she has pretty good fodder people will remember her

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Being remembered as fodder is not exactly a good way to be remembered, lol.

A lot of units are remembered just for their fodder, so it’s not really new

Fury Master wants to know your location

(Seriously, I wouldn’t care for Hinata at all if he didn’t have Fury 3 at 4*)

This absolute legend is now within my grasp! :weary:


That was my favorite part probably, Awakening was so forgettable. All I remember is Rout the maps that’s it

I mean yeah, but being remembered because you’re basically fodder is not really great compared to being remembered because you can actually perform well on the battle field.

The only thing Shanna is remembered for is Desperation.

Hinata? Fury.

Meanwhile you have someone like Klein. What’s he remembered for? Death Blow 3 and Quadding.

Chrom? Aether and Dragon killer.

But to each their own I guess. I’d prefer her to have some battlefield capabilities outside of typical healers but I highly doubt that will be the case, but I’d be glad to be proven wrong by IS on this.

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