Awakening Characters

I decided to make a tier list(I’m also really bored) for Awakening characters, based on character

I’m kinda tired, so some of these may not make sense, but this should be mostly right

I’m also interested in what other people think of Awakening’s characters, cause I know they get lumped in with Fates(despite comparing the two being a stupid idea in my opinion), so I’d be interested to see what other people’s tier list would look like, and I’d post the link, but I don’t know how to do that, soooooo


We basically agree on best except Lon’qu no I wanna make one

Now, put Donnel up to S, put the Morgan’s up to A, and put Lucina up to A as well, and then I’ll be in agreement with you.

Lon’Qu and Olivia at the top: :grin:
F!Morgan at the bottom: >:c
Gaius, Tharja, and Cherche towards the top: :grin:
Sumia and Owain towards the top: >:ccc

Donnel isn’t bad, but he’s nothing special, Lucina is boring as hell, so she ain’t moving, and Morgan just seems too cheery and it’s strange to me

At least Kellam is on the tier list


lol this killed me

autocorrect sucks, and so does using a phone to type

Pretty much agree but I would put Aversa higher.

Darn, I wanted to quote that typo! And that’s just my opinion on it. You like who you wish.



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I actually expected flack for putting Tharja near the top, but I think she has some of the best supports in the game

I’m happy for Owain and Tharja but sad for Aversa and Miriel

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I absolutely love Tharja so I have no complaints. One of my favorite FE girls.


Virion is my S+ character but other than that, this is really solid.

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Right? I’m always so scared to say that I actually like her because people jump on you so fast for that.



Impulse said yes on random pfp changing, so yay!

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Virion is one I probably would’ve put higher if I wasn’t tired when I made this

He probably would’ve only gone up about one or two tiers, but he’s not a bad character