Axe for echidna

Im gonna start working on my new project, echidna.
My idea is dc/fort res def, repel and atk smoke and sol/aether

Which axe is the best? Im thinking on huge fan, hack o lantern or slaying / hammer for arena and ar (tier 19/20 for arena) ty :slight_smile:

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Use a hammer


Arena? Hammer all the way. Here’s my arena build.

For non-arena I use hack-o-lantern, but huge fan is also a good choice. Really comes down to preference.

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Any of those option are good. Using her in Arena, Hammer is probably the best for killing armors. I’ve used Wo Gun, Hack O Lantern, and Huge Fan and have personally liked Huge Fan the most, but it is completely up to you (if you do use it, I recommend Rouse Spd/Def from Ferdinand).

Obligatory Echidna flex (Seal slot is placeholder for now):


I went with Hack O’ Lantern

Huge Fan is a great one, though like @Zach_Has_Cancer said, your C Slot better give you a self buff to keep it active. I would agree that hammer is the way to go in upper tier arena; I didn’t know what I was missing until I put Minimarth in my arena core and watched him decimate armors of all colors.

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Agree with the others; a Slaying Hammer is the best option for Arena because of how many armors there are. Armor slaying weapons have saved my life against so many troublesome units, like Surtr, the armored Tikis, L-Edelgard, W-Sothis, and more.

I will give mine Hack O Lantern (I just like hat so much better than “Guard Axe”
Huge Fan
Slaying Hammer.

and basically any other amazing inheritable axe.

While I have VAlm. i also hope to make Echinda my go to axe unit.