Axe Infantry Help...Again

I had trouble with what to do with Ylgr before, and I ultimately decided to keep her and even +1 her. At the end of that topic, though, I said

This is where we are now. I have summoned brave Ike for the first time on the new weekly revival banner. I want to give Steady Breath to my Laslow…

but Ike is +atk -res. I fear I might regret foddering off Ike. How does Ike fare compared to my other axe infantry units?

He’s obviously better than Anna and Xander lol. Also as I said in my other thread, I don’t use my Raven.

I have 190 orbs left, which should hopefully be enough to summon another Ike before the banner goes away, but if I don’t need him I might not keep him and instead save my orbs.
Edelgard will probably release at the end of the month and that’ll be ANOTHER axe infantry for me to actually want and worry about.

you’re missing out



You’re becoming one of my favourites Zero.

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Ike has fallen off the meta.

He’s still really good at tanking, but if you are more into nuking or killing everything instantly then Ike is not the best axe unit for that.

You’re already good with the current axe units you have currently either way.

So IMO save Ike for fodder for Laslow or Edelgard(since you are I asssume, planninf to summon for her.)

ty ty, +9 speed and +8 attack on initiation, no way i could miss out on that

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Am I though?

This is my Chrom,

and this is how I plan to build my Tiki.

The problem with that is both of them are seasonals, and Raven is pretty easy to merge, so in the end, Raven will have more merges and higher stats.

Fair, but Raven is far from a merge project for me no matter what.
Is Ike worth foddering off to my current merge project, Laslow?

Sure, Steady breath will be more of us on laslow than on Ike since you will use laslow more.



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So I’m not one of your favorites? :catdespair:


Sure you’re :feh_nino:

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Don’t worry, you’re still one of my favorites!

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Lain’s opinion matters more though.

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That’s just how it is.
Lain is my best friend here.

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I can’t see any situation in which you miss out on anything but some game experience by skipping having B.Ike as a unit. It’s possible to play the game with about 70 characters (@Kemosabe-TBC or maybe fewer?) so if about 1/4 are green including tomes and other weapons, you’re about there (plus, reds will likely be more than 1/4 and greens, less than 1/4 just due to the number of existing units in each colour).

It’s still a nice experience to have him. I got mine up to something like 2500HM and I feel like I barely deploy him at all. Urvan very interesting, and good statline.

Looks to me like you could go either way. I would be inclined to save orbs if I were you. The upcoming 8%s look fairly good (and you can look up my predictions via my profile or the search function; I’ve been able to go almost half a year ahead) and powercreep is about to get steep with the 3H banner and CYL3.

If you still really want to pull, consider that Edelgard will probably return within months with a smaller price tag so there’s that in your favour.

I did play with about 50 characters, and managed to get top 1K AA consistently. But that was months ago, I have about 100 built characters now.

I play AA the laziest way possible though, initially I spent some time thinking about which units to use, and how they could synergise well together then I made “fixed” teams, usually with one unit of each color plus a colorless or dancer. These teams were built to be able to beat (or at least stand a chance) anything that could be thrown at them in a random AA match. I gave them appropriate seals (and never change them except swapping a few around when trying to beat abyssals), every pair in every team is S rank suppport with each other and all units in a team have the same blessing. This way choosing a team for the next AA match requires the minimum effort possible, I just have to chose 1 of the remaining prebuilt teams that have 1 of the 2 blessings for the current season.

I currently have 19 prebuilt teams which is about 76 characters. I have 20-30 more fully built characters but I don’t trust them to be able to beat anything that could be thrown at them consistently.