Ayra IV question

What IVs does my Ayra have??
Thanks in advance.

Also have 1 more Ayra to merge so she becomes a +10.
She is +ATK - SPD.

So which one of them should I go for?

Just found out I can change trait and she seems to be a +atk - res.

So which IVs should i go for regardibg changing traits.


You can see the IV highlighted in blue right there.

For the question, +Atk is perfectly serviceable ; you could go +Spd, but that depends if you really value going over the Spdcreep.


SpeedRA :feh_ayratea:



+atk if you were unlucky,but trait fruits are a thing.


I’d say keep +Attack for now, because it’s perfectly serviceable, and you still have one merge left to get. No sense wasting rare materials like trait fruit swapping to Speed if there’s the possibility of just drawing the last merge as +Speed anyway, you know?


So if i went for speed, what should I minus with? Should I remain with - res or is there a better flaw foe Ayra?

It does not matter. The first merge removes the flaw. The only thing flaws change after the first merge are the order in which merges and dragonflower boosts give stats. In Ayra’s case, her Res is always her lowest stat at Level 1, and her Spd is always the highest, so flaws are irrelevant to her stat growth order (and you have her almost fully merged and fully flowered anyway)


Having Arya +9. Not knowing how to tell her IVs.

But srsly, I Would recommend to wait for the last merge and change her to +spd if it doesnt come with the last copy. But Atk is great too

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If you’re patient enough, you could also leave her at +9 and hope she pops up as a 4* special unit with the right IVs. Or, if you don’t get her on her next banner whenever that is use the fruit.