Ayra team composition

I came back to the game from a very long break and I saw how badly the Queen of Powercreep got powercrept but wonder who could support / protect her weaknesses the best ? I’m really struggling with all the new heroes and skills to find the answer by myself, thanks in advance

Ironic isn’t it?

Can you show me your Ayra so I can see what we’re working with? In some cases she can still work in this speed defined meta

i was gonna say use subcategories but it changed last second

I also have slaying edge speed and can easily access Woo Dao , distant counter, Galeforce and other stuff, i plan on getting a merge for her bane but i know i missed the revival banner so fqbhufhdqsnfq


I really just want to make her work and have a nice team that synergies well all together in most gamemodes but it’s been so hard
I was so good at this 1 year ago but this game really changed a lot

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From what I see that is a relatively solid build and can still work even when a lot of faster units gave been introduced
One of the more beneficial skills for units that are fast would be Repel/Close Call, 2 new skills introduced that reduce damage based on how fast you are compared to the enemy.
Ayra like many other units are still workable but they do require a lot of investment

I believe @antsims93 has an Ayra with a really good build and i think they can help you plenty as well

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Ty i’ll look up those ones ! What about teammates ? I guess i should be looking for a green unit as it would be the easiest option for a good mate but i don’t really know which green units could support her well, especially as this build needs to stay under 75% so when i tried Reyson it was a bit awkward bc of the healing haha

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usually anyone can work as a support for her

Peony is a free unit that is really good at support
Not only does she give you +3 to all stats, but during combat if she’s in the same row/column as a unit she gives them and additional atk/spd +3 during combat

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You planning on max merging her ? If so there’s a few builds that work quite well,but with low merges I do feel it’s better to stack spd,do you have atk/spd solo ? Not that this doesn’t work,but it’s a relatively thin line between both to be active and losing 5 hp per hit isn’t ideal unless you have a healing special or passive (I do use it occasionally on my Larcei for nuking with Time’s pulse,so she takes just enough damage to have both active).As for allies I’d use a green unit with decent mixed defensive (Echidna is decent) or a strong green mage that can obliterate most blues (I use to run Nino and Eirika for buffs).

Build I use (new seal)

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I want to fully merge her but since I just missed the revival banner and I can’t whale a lot, it will probably take me quite some time, I do not have Atk/Spd Solo 4 but indeed looks really good with your build but this is very unlikely to happen with me since Fallen Corrin won’t be featured, considering this, what would you say i could improve on my current build and who could help her ? Bc keeping her around 75%, althought hard to play,could be done with Reyson support no ?

I thought of Reyson after I posted :joy:,but yeah that should work and because your using Desperation this build is fine as is,with more merges eventually your options will broaden,so your good.

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Thank you for the confirmations haha

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Good luck with her and hopefully she gets a refine soon I.S has almost completely shunned her sadly lol

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bring back the queen pls !! also maybe a respledescent hero as she is a really popular character, in her own game and in feh
and thank you !!

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I´m sure she´ll get a refine and/or the resplendent treatment one day.