Ayra's Crusher Build

Hey guys, I’m new here, but I wanted to share my thoughts.

I’ve been thinking of how I could make Ayra deadlier than ever. So, I’m standing in probably
the most effective build in both phases:

Spoiler Alert: this is going to be a long post, but sorry about that.

Slaying Edge (spd)
Even Spd Wave
Brazen Atk/Spd

My Ayra is +spd and with 4 merges, summoner supoprt and 9 dragonflowers, means she have 49 base spd (assuming +3 spd from any weapon she uses). Assuming that she deals 0 dmg on an opponent, that leaves us with just the dmg of Regnal Astra, so she would hit:

49* 40% = 19,6 (before even spd wave and brazen threshold)
55* 40% = 22 (before brazen threshold)
62* 40%+7(atk) = 31,8 Total Damage

Making a comparrison with a regular Ayra build, the damage should be as follows:

Slaying Edge (spd)
Even Spd Wave
Distant Def

49* 40% = 19,6 (before even spd wave and wrath threshold)
55* 40% = 22 (before wrath threshold)
55+40%+10 = 32 Total Damage

So, virtually, brazen atk/spd have the same dmg of wrath and we get the bonus of Vantage. I know of wrath usefulness by reducing Regnal Astra’s charge once it hits the threshold, but gaining Vantage during the process sounds good to me.

I’ve been using this build in the arena and it’s really nice. Even though, I’m still dreaming of a Vantage Sacred Seal, so I can run Slaying Edge + DC + Wrath + Vantage.

Bonus: if you just want to overkill anything in sight and don’t mind having 2Charge Regnal Astra, you should run:
Wo Dao
Even Spd Wave
Brazen Atk/Spd

49* 40% = 19,6 (before even spd, wrath and brazen threshold)
55* 40% = 22 (before wrath and brazen threshold)
62* 40%+27(atk) = 51,8 Total Damage

So, what are your thoughts? In all builds, Ayra’s Regnal is insane before even she can do any damage based on her own attack stat.


First,welcome and It’s nice to see other people that loves using ayra :smirk:.It’s definitely powerful,I used that build quite some time ago before there was a b atk/spd seal.Dc lost it’s favor for me since it got so boring to use,so I ended up exploring and exploiting the use of other skills arriving at multiple nasty powerful builds I have in her skill set.With the addition of wolt he pushed the limits of one of my builds that I use to take down high def +10 blues with a drive spd that’s a 40 damage 1 turn cooldown RA.DC it’s a great skill for coverage,but she has so much potential as a melee brusier that it gets overshadowed by her typical builds.The 2nd image is what I currently use, it stops guard,forced doubles,makes it hard for melee unit’s to take her down and active at all times I mix in wrath sometimes with other sets to.

and here’s me killing nowi at +9, no dragonflowers or ss(I think, I can’t 100% remember) with the 1st build and speed +3 in seal slot,sorry if the post is so long she’s my favorite fe character so I tend to have alot to say.


Indeed that’s a great build. I really like DC on her because of her capability of surviving one hit from everything besides Reinhardt, so she retaliates in the next turn if the mage/archer survived the first attack. But, brazen atk/spd seal 4 is a nice idea, maybe I’ll try it sometime in the future.

But in the end, you have a good point, DC indeed takes away some of her offensive power.

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Then why isn’t she summoner supported with you


Well, I spread it around to units I’m using that benefits more and doesn’t have max hm,ayra has 6k merits,so it doesn’t do her any good since constantly using the same units in your main teams with max hm is counterproductive unless it’s arena,AR etc.I use her in arena since she helps me score well,I was using her to clear abysmal maps,but Ophelia and lilina has long since took her place now.Nowi has my ss at the moment since she benefits from all the stats and her hm is 1800+.

I know trust me,I loved using DC on her,but after awhile it just got so bland to me and I really started having more fun trying out new builds,but I have other sword units with dc so it wasn’t much I missed out on,but yeah try some new skills out when/if dc gets boring for you and you won’t regret it.

Imagine using SS for stats instead of using it on your favourite units smh


Invalid Heh :grinning:,I like nowi lol

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Ayra is queen,so she doesn’t mind giving her subjects some power :joy:

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