Azu is rank 77 in GL!

I went there to see how my current squad fared and was really surprised to see Azu so low down the list

Any other defenestrated pokemon that you know of?

Shadow skarmory is not even top 100.
Jelli is 95.
Funnily, Tapu Fini is one of the best legendaries, but I never saw one. Too expensive or chance too low to get a good one via trading?

Didn’t mean to delete. 2nd time’s a charm.

Love Pvpoke as much as the next PvPer, but we have to take some of it with a grain of salt, there’s no way Azu is that low. We also have Regirock at 12 and a GL shadow Magnezone at 21…

Azu remains a GL meta defining threat IMO.


Magnezone rose because it walls Araquanid and beats Walrein provided it doesn’t land an Earthquake.

It’s 47 for me.

In practice it’s also overrated.

I laugh a little bit everytime I see a Regirock or Regice on the top of the PvPoke boards… :rofl: