B!Claude for Astra Season

For a while now, I have been sitting on a +Atk Claude that I run for Astra season. Him, along with my Blucina, Altina, Naga, and whatever 5th I use, they do work for Astra.

The thing is, I don’t know a good build for him. I liked Dimitri enough to wanna get 5 copies of him during CYL4. However, I am considering saving for whenever they get a rerun to get him to +10 with a +Spd IV. I love how he works wonders with Close Foil.

So for you Brave Claude enthusiasts, what builds do you run on him?

Currently, he runs Luna, Close Foil, Vantage, A/S Rein, and Iote’s Shield.
-I plan to give him Pulse Smoke here soon if everyone recommends it.


That’s honestly a solid kit for him. Deadeye would be better if he gets Blucina helping support him, but that aside it’s pretty much the best kit he can run.


Pulse smoke is fine and saves you a lot of trouble.

Everything looks fairly solid, I’m just the type to recommend Quick Riposte. People shit on it for being an outdated skill but an autodouble based on staying healthy with Claude’s great speed is a good combination for having speed to bust through NFU and winning against impacts. Just something to consider.

I also like the idea of obstruct to protect Lancina.


I, by the lucky stars that Naga blessed me with, got Shinon and a 5* Ilyana with my tickets. I pulled him and planned to give him Deadeye. The thing is, I don’t see that working much against Speed dmg% reductions because he is high in speed himself. I suppose that could be insurance anyways.


Thing about choosing Deadeye over Luna is that Luna covers the high-def units better than Deadeye (because it’s like glimmer with extra stuff so you win against squishies better but lose against def walls harder). Just keep that in mind.

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I’m a B!Claude enthusiast. After using him a bit, he’s on my +10 unit list along with B!Edelgard for the (likely) Hero Fest in 5ish months. I also use him for Astra, and I haven’t completely decided which Mythics to run with him yet, but they should both work. And he has B!Lucina strapped to him two spaces behind at all times. She runs double speed drives and Even Pulse Tie.

Anyway, I currently use Luna (Moonbow outside of AR), Close Counter (I prefer retaliating against dragons to the stats from Foil, but Foil is also great), Quick Riposte, A/S Rein, and Iote’s.

The Riposte is Impact insurance, but also helps against extra-speedy units since there’s no speed-boosting Astra Mythic yet. I’m not convinced it’s his best B slot, but the options are all “meh”. I’ve used Vantage too, and it is also nice insurance if he happens not to heal up all the way, but honestly it didn’t happen very often.

When I get Mystic Boost fodder I want to try running him with Fury 4 and Mystic Boost to really pump his stats up, but I’m not sure it will be worth not retaliating to melee units.

As far as Pulse Smoke goes, it would be great on him. I’m not sure it’s needed if you have a Pulse Tie skill on your B!Lucina or if you have a team dedicated to Infantry Pulse defenses. The A/S Rein is amazing too, so I’m going to try to keep it on him if I can, but IP teams are one of his only weaknesses, so the Smoke might end up being better, I’m not sure.




Special is Luna with B!Lucy obviously.

For a slot: you can run CC or CF (preference of CC for astra, CF for light), or a stat boosting skill like spd/def solo, spd/res solo (note that Iotes in a and S/R solo in s is cheaper), def/res solo, A/S solo. Fury 4 is good if you have mystic boost

For b slot: mystic boost is pretty much optimal. QR is important to deny impacts. Guard is decent. Vantage is… eh tbh. I wouldn’t go for that over QR or guard.

For c slot: rein is good. Pulse smoke is also really good if you have it. Depends on team comps but pulse smoke is a bit better for him personally, tho certainly A/S rein is good.

For s slot: Iotes. Unless Iotes in a then spd/res solo in s

Here’s mine btw

Sometimes I run spd/def solo in a.


Hi! Little late but I agree with most of what’s been said before me. In astra season close counter is better than close Foil tho because of Duma. Base kit duma has bold fighter which still wont kill you on it’s own but will do enough dmg to screw you over if you have to take both hits. If you dont run close counter then base kit Duma is annoying BUT thankfully hes an armor. Other good options are shield session, def/res solo, distant def 4(if going for a norne-esque ranged tank set) or just distant def 3 on a budget. I have shield session and def/res solo on mine and I use the solo more often
B slot. Dull ranged for budget. If you arent running DD4 it can actually be fairly useful. It would be nice to have a lull but such is life. I’ve seen QR floating around for impacts but havent used it. The premium but most effective option is mystic boost. This is for 2 reasons: one to give him even more healing, but the biggest reason is to deal with staves. His lack of access to NCD means he cant heal back the damage taken from staff units. Mystic boost can quite literally save his life on many occasions as a result
C slot. Pulse smoke is overrated. Rein is more universally useful. Just give b!lucy a pulse tie if you’re really worried but he can tank specials :feh_lucyshrug:


I’m not sold on using Deadeye for a ARO tank. Doesn’t make much sense to me, even forgetting the fact of it being expensive. I get with a slaying weapon and Lucina support it fires every counter but so does Luna. I don’t see damage reduction builds on ARD, like ever. I’m sure there will be a tiny niche when it comes in handy, but doesn’t sound worth it imo.

Now using it on defense team, that’s a viable strategy. Tons of DR tanks showing up that would get hit hard by it.

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