B.claude ivs

  • Neutral
  • +defence

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While tempting to get fallen edelgard in the BHB battle, i got B.claude. He does not really have much good fodder and his refine should be coming in a few months time so i am planning to merge him.
Currently, i have a +2 B.claude at neutral ivs and a +defence which one should I choose?

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B!Claude makes use of all of his stats so neutral IVs are okay on him. Thanks to his weapon design he doesn’t have to be the tankiest of all units since he counts on healing back a lot of HP, provided the enemy doesn’t double him. I would argue that his preferred IVs are +spd/+atk and +HP, so reducing them by picking a +def IV is counter productive.

Hopefully his refine will give him Null Follow-Up to help him deal with those pesky auto-follow-up units.
I know people say Fatal Smoke was his downfall but honestly auto-follow-up and brave weapons are way more common nowadays.


That and honestly Fatal Smoke I hardly see much besides on select few units


I found a work-around for this issue: Atk Smoke 4. It grants follow-up blocking, which will cancel a forced follow-up and revert it to a speed check, which he then wins (with a few exceptions of speedy units with forced follow-ups, but those are very rare). Plus, it boosts his defenses.

It definitely is dumb that it prevents healing during and after the first combat instead of the second one onwards like all other Smoke skills. It honestly wouldn’t have been so bad if L!Sigurd and Duo Líf didn’t both come with Fatal Smoke in their base kit and become meta for a long time. Now that they are much less common, any decent refine might put B!Claude back up to a strong AR carry.

Outside of AR, though, he’s still quite strong.

These are always going to be rough for him unless he gets Iote’s Shield in his refine, since he can’t run Deflect seals and Iote’s without sacrificing his A slot.