B Duel Flying for Catria or wait to +10 Altena?

For over a year now, my Arena core has been Caeda (with R Duel Flying), Catria and Camilla. All three of them are +10 with max Dragonflowers with Rally Up Atk+.

So a while ago I got a second Legendary Azura on a Legendary/Mythic Banner (I forget which one, but I think it was Altina’s) that was +Spd, -Atk. My first one was +Spd, -Hp and I decided to just become AR cancer and use two of them on my Defense Team. However, while I can usually make it to Tier 21 in Arena, the next week I’m always kicked out. I haven’t used double L!Azura for a while now and I considered maybe giving B Duel Flying to Catria until Altena was revealed and appeared likely to be demoted, which she was, so I decided to make her into my next major merge project instead. There’s just one problem, I don’t have a single copy of Altena yet, even after all of the free summons we’ve got lately and I got a great Rudolph before I had a chance to get her. And I don’t plan to summon again until late April.

Should I fodder that Legendary Azura or wait for months to merge Altena (and maybe continue using two Azuras in AR defense)?

If you’re already going to be merging Altena then no, don’t. And even then, there’s not really much difference between Tier 20 and Tier 21 of Arena.

There’s really no point.

That’s a bit hard to answer. I use Shiida and Catria as part of my Earth AA first team. If you’re in tier 20.5 most of the time, I think you can save your fodder if it’s just a matter of scoring. +1 orb and +500 feathers would be nice, but it’s not at all horrible if you miss them.

Altena will take a while but won’t need B Duel Flying if you use a Def (or Spd) superboon, since she’ll hit exactly 170 BST when merged.

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Just replace Camilla with Beruka and this will literally be me.

As for the dual flying, I dunno. If you already score well enough it’s not really necessary. And if you’re gonna build Altena then it’s sorta a waste of fodder

If you’re already in tier 20.5 all the time I don’t personal my think it’s worth it