B Duel Flying

I intend to build a 5*+10 unit. Flying blue mages are almost impossible for f2p players.
It is easy to get four sisters : Catria, Cordelia, Clair, Est. In other to counter armored units in the arena, I plan to give her this skill combo : Firesweep Lance/Slaying Spear + Hit and run + Galeforce + Flashing Blade.
Which units should I give B Duel Flying in your opinion ? Is this combo good ?
Thank you in advance.


Well if you want an armor killer use Est with her prf. If you want a galeforce unit do Catria with hers. Take mine for example.


Anyone who’s mergeable who you like using really. Someone with a prf is preferable for higher scoring, though it doesn’t make a huge difference if you lack one :feh_birbpeek:

I have a question about Est’s weapon effect.
Do she only attack twice if ‘‘the number of flying allies within 2 space >= 2’’ ?
Her weapon effect : "Effective against armored foes. IF the number of flying allies within 2 space ≥ 2, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+3 during combat, AND if unit initiates combat, unit attacks twice.’’

Yes. She can still double units if her Spd is higher, but she can quad if she needs both of those conditions.

The omni +3 is both phases, the brave effect is only on PP though. You get both though :)

If this is from your only L!Azura I’d honestly suggest keeping her. Despite her being widely hated she can be very useful.

Visible confusion

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