B! Eliwood Build

So, I was lucky enough to summon our favorite boy Eliwood in his Brave splendor and glory! I was fortunate to get him with some favorable assets (+ATK, -HP) and I’m pleasantly surprised at what he can offer to the team. B! Eliwood is quite fast with a lot of firepower on Player Phase than I would have expected for a unit. That said, I wanted to ask if his default kit is good enough to go with, aside from giving him the essential Special skill and an S-seal, you know? I was thinking if it’d be a good idea to give him Lull Atk/Spd 3 or Rouse Def/Res 3 from a spare Perceval I just got, or just let him be with what he’s already got at the moment? Just let me know with what you can offer, maybe even share some other ideal skill sets with me. Thanks ya’ll ~

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My Brave Eliwood who I summoned in the guaranteed 5* poll of cyl3 is going great with is base set and galeforce as special and heavy blade as seal