B Ike: advice needed for VoH

Is B Ike still competitive for Vault of Heaven? Mine feels like he is slipping off, and here he is:

I am considering Shez lending his power to B Ike, but will it make that much of a difference?

My proposal:

What do you guys think? Is it too late for the man, or will a new kit like this bring a little more vitality? Or will it bring a LOT more vitality?

FYI I had posted on another thread that I’m considering running him with B Chrom (or even L M Byleth) for NFU support. I don’t want to waste fodder, so if it is a pipe dream please let me know and be honest. Thanks!


Using B-Ike as a tank in a Chrobin and B-Seliph world is bold, I’ll give you that

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I don’t know about using him as an omnitank, but he’s still great as a melee tank with some version of obstruct (bulwark being best but costing the B slot). I do this every Chaos season since they restrict Saves to one unit, so he’s my pseudo-Near-Save.


And thus the crux of why I am having issues with him as of late. Half the teams seem to use V Chrom, though I’ve only seen one Seliph so far (I expect that to change).

So I assume you are saying not to bother with it at all

Good idea for chaos as well. I wish I could keep him in light but as LL said, lots of heavy red hitters. And I don’t use double save tanks (particularly near) yet… I find it’s harder to get the pots reliably.

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Unfortunately Bike is unable to tank L!Nanna, B!Seliph or Chrobin no matter the build, but then again who can?

Actually… this guy!


My suggestion? Focus him for melee and drop the efforts to omnitank.

In all my time in SD (just for reference, I know you’re talking about AR), omnitank bike’s have NEVER been a threat, but one such as this entirely focused on invalidating melee units is and absolute bitch to kill.


Appreciate the info. Do you find Atk smoke redundant since he gets 80% off additional attacks, or does he make money with it in your opinion?


It’s more for the DFU effect, but every little bit of stats help so if you can afford it, Why not?

Plus that effect won’t activate until the 2nd attacker onwards so just pray the AI is dumb and sends a weakling at you first instead of the +10/10 L!Nanna with hardy bearing


I was considering Atk oath for the extra movement and the nice +3+3 Atk Spd, but I can see smoke being an option


I like to think of it this way: if your unit’s Spd completely maxed can’t match the other nukes Spd at basekit… Don’t bother.

I.e. +10/25/SS +Spd bike hits 44 Spd. +0 +Spd DuoLys hits 44 Spd (50 wth her Prf.) So is it really smart to try and outspeed her? I don’t think so.

Play to the unit’s strengths, and his strength is ignoring damage and retaliating with one strong af hit. You just need to use a good ass far save to compliment him.


People really do this? I would have thought Hardy Bearing worthless on Nanna aside from Vantage users because she ignores Deflects and it turns off her own Desperation effect (and unlike B-Seliph she can’t really afford to take a counterattack)


No… that was just my brain merging the one unit who doesn’t care about DR with the only surefire way to kill a bike. One or the other would kill him.

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