B Ike: Best B skill

I brought this up on another thread and haven’t seen much out there on this, that I could find.

I think B Ike’s best B skill would be SS, followed by Wrath. Maybe Lull. I’ve tried QR, and it isn’t as good on him as other units imo.

What’s your guys thoughts? Figure his use is primarily AR Tier 21+, with Urvan eff and DC, with B Lucina backing him up.

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The best B skill is definitely Null C-Disrupt.

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Depends on what you want him to do. I have shield pulse for example.

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Depends if you’re running him with B!Lucina or not. If you do, Special Spiral is pretty much useless outside of enemies with Guard effects.

Overall I’d say Null C Disrupt for premium and QR for budget.


Nice, I’ve heard of shield pulse and aegis. How,do you like it? Can he sustain well or does he need outside healing?

Funny, that was my exact same IVs before I merged mine to +1.

@Banraku @LuteTheGod I like the skill in general, NCD, but at higher tiers I haven’t needed it as much with my Libra. That’s not a bad one for Ike though at all, since no one gets away from him. Plus, I already gave him DC so I’d have to save NCD for someone else without that skill lol.

As for SS + Lucina, i think it would work well against slow mages (Sonya, Michaiah) and slow armors, but the majority of opponents seem to be faster, so there is a good argument against SS (fast mage or swordsman hits Ike twice, as, bringing CD from 4 -> 2 -> ready, and he immediately counters with it anyway). Just thinking out loud.

So far I have QR on him, but it doesn’t work well after the first round because he has usually tanked so much his HP is out of range. I think QR is better on +Spd Nowis and Faes.

Have a spare wrath which is tempting, especially for that extra +10 damage. But I don’t wanna needlessly fodder if something doesn’t work out so I’m really thinking this through.

I’m running guard on mine

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How,do you like guard? Does it seem to help on him or do you face many who are pre charged anyway?

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Actually really curious about this myself. My thoughts?

NCD probably gives him the most winning match-ups as the main AR-O tank. Outside of AR-O, Wrath is pretty good IMO. If he retaliates first hit with Aether, he increases his odds of OHKO-ing, and most likely increases healing (unless it would have been an OHKO anyway on something like OPhelia). I also like Wrath better for regular PvE content, as you can more easily stall to get the -1cd and healing is everything in some modes.

Sadly no Nailah in my barracks. And foddering DC to him is so expensive if you want NCD on him as well.

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It’s worked pretty well so far I havent used him too too much but it definitely helps his tankiness and the immediate aether helps to get him back to enough hp where guard works.

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I was kind of a hold out on NCD, but people seem to like it and I am coming around to it. Lower tiers especially but even higher tiers has the occasional staff cav, so it’s a good idea. I still think there are better ones out there for higher tiers.

Another one that comes to mind is mythic boost for the 6 extra hp which is pretty solid (and wrath staff won’t hit as hard also, making it a good comparison to NCD in some ways). Problem for me is I never got an Eir beyond the free one, let alone a second for light season.

Guard and QR aren’t bad tbh, and are great budget options. Until I play around with him a little I’ll stick to those, but I do have extra wrath I might give him if I get impatient lol.


Wrath is definitely no slouch. Actually pretty good for my AR-D build as well. Getting hit by the boomtrap increases his odds of firing off an Aether, making it somewhat beneficial to actually place him inside the blast radius. And even if he doesn’t get hit by the trap, the damage part of Wrath still activates if his HP goes below 75% during combat.

I will stick to no DC and Wrath until I can pull for Nailah, cause I don’t want to waste my precious DC fodder.

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