B!Ike to merge or not to merge?

Hi everyone!
I got a B!Ike +Atk -Spd and was thinking in investing on him. I already had two no IV B!Ikes that I merged together. The question is, should I merge the +1 into the new B!Ike or should I wait until I have more to merge. I’m asking since the -Spd IV seems like a good thing for him, to get doubled more often. If I merge him to +2 he will gain +1 HP, +1 Atk and +1 Def, but also +5 Spd!!! Which means a lot less doubles. I have the feeling that he will be better in combat like that until I can at least +3 him.
What do you guys think?.


Well, his performance certainly wouldn’t improve much and he is still the only source of Steady Breath. It can also prove troublesome sometimes if you increase his stats too much if you use him for AR, depending on your approach, since at least I use Brave Lucina to not only support him, but also to soak Chills and Shrines.

I need more DFs and Fury 4 on Lucina to avoid Chill Def now.

So maybe let him be for the time being.


well choosing the IVs when merging BIke is alway a tricky thing… Personaly I´d either go neutral or +SPD

also the +ATK -SPD one does get that much speed, since merging does get rid of his Speed-Bane. The neutral ones do get +1 to the highest lvl 1 stats instead, since yeah … they don´t have a bane :smile:

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His only fodder is aether and steady breath. I would merge him because his fodder aint that great because of Tier 4 skills

yeah steady breath was top notch about a year ago… now you´ve got Brave Lucina with her Refine, Flashing and Heavy Blade Seal and lots of better A-Skills than Steady Breath I think.
… Well says the one who is still using a Steady Breath Nowi to date :feh_lucyshrug: :joy: So I guess it still has its uses, but it´s not that really good skill that it was a year ago (or maybe even longer? I don´t know XD)

I mean, the Breaths are still strong skills, just that they bet more on a "the best defense is a strong offense"strategy than the level 4 Stances, which are generally extremely defensive. It depends on what a unit needs/wants. It’s a fact they score a bit worse than level 4 Stances though.

Tier 4 Breaths when?

well no tier 4 when we still havent gotten the darting breath :feh_claudesmugger:

Thanks everyone for the answers. But it seems you didn’t get my question, maybe I didn’t explain it right.

First, and correct me if I’m wrong, with B!Ike you wanna get doubled by as many characters as you can (when you have +Eff weapon). Now, I’ll merge him, the problem is, do I merge him now to +2 or later when I can merge him to +3 or more?

So, actually the question is, which will perform better overall? One with +1 HP, +1 Atk, +1 Def and +5 Spd (considering speed is a bad thing to have since there will be less characters doubling you), or one without those stats.

Well, if your main concern is charging up Aether, he can still proc it if you use QR either on B or S slot, he’s still gonna get doubled by many units anyway and, if he’s not, you’re still taking less damage, even if the difference is generally negligible.

What does your Ike look like?

So far I only level him up to 40, with no skills, since idk yet if I’m merging him…

^This is wrong. B!Ike is not all powerful and counters every unit. You will want speed to beat speed checks. +Speed is one of his best IVs (unless of course you ultra boost his speed with support). Units with Hardy bearing effects (dagger or seal) will laugh at him and destroy him by doubling him. Getting doubled does not always work out.

As long as you are dedicated to work on him, there’s definitely no harm in merging now. If you question the investment, then don’t, but if you are very positive of it, go right ahead.

Merge, Bike is great, atk boon is good, and breath skills are massively overrated to the extent that anyone still thinks they are premium.

Thx everyone! :)