B!Lucina pair up - Build Collection

I love this gal. It opens so many doors for so many options
Here’s a good example of Lucina

B!Lucina build - Hybrid support and duelist

And here are a few options for pairs with her.
I left out lance units for now for team balance, but there’s plenty to use her.





I know she’s blue, but with her slayer + wo dao + semi-bond she has so much synergy with B!Lucina, especially in AR

So many builds that just work, because now they can get that sweet sweet cooldown…


The best part about her refine is that you can get rid of that measly +4 stat boost from Breath skills in favor of a better boost. Been waiting on 2 F!Berkut so I can finally get my hands on Warding Stance.

It’s amazing how great these builds look now that she opens up so many options.


Yeah, it’s especially great for stat stacking.

Just look at Saber, he’ll likely gets a spectrum +6 just by being near Lucina and using his golden dagger.
Add the close guard + dual bonds and you get a statline of:
63/48/43(47)/28(32) ~ Close guard stats within ( )

Especially nice for to normally very rare DC+Breath combos and unique situations like Arden and his followup ring.


It’s funny how niche effects like Saber’s situational DC and Arden’s somewhat powercrept Bold Fighter make such a difference now.

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Don’t forget Keaton :royyes:

I can do that W! Cecilia one

Great ideas as always :hridexcited: