B!Lysithea Appreciation Post

I’ve been reading a lot of great things about the CYL winners, particularly the 3H leaders, so I’ve decided to make an appreciation post dedicated to Lysithea! A lot of people haven’t been paying attention to her, because she’s just “another red mage” and I don’t want Lysithea/B!Lys fans (like myself) to feel bad or regret choosing her! So we are going to appreciate her brave version here!

  • This post is not dragging or undermining the other CYL units

  • This post is for fun and to appreciate Lysithea

  • This post is not looking to start any arguments or debates, just good vibes here

  • I hope you have fun joining us appreciating Lysithea!

Lysithea von Ordelia has arrived in a damaging-speedy brave version! While her damage output may not be as high as her base version, she makes up for it with SPEED. She can get up to +16 atk AND spd from her base kit alone! This raises her 54 attack to 70, and her 42 speed to 58! That’s very high. In addition to her base kit, her skills and weapons synergizes beautifully. After her first combat, she’s practically unstoppable! She gets instaperation, and with her high speed and attack, she destroys a lot of units. Also, she gets CAV EFFECTIVENESS. If you have been playing the story mode, you definitely realized how annoying Freya is, a cavalry unit with such a good weapon. Well, Lysithea can solo that map and destroy Freya (And Freyr, but we don’t talk about dead lambs)

Do you see that! She murders that annoying fairy. She has color effectiveness and cav effectiveness from Dark Spikes. She will definitely be useful in the upcoming chapters. She can also defeat the other CYL units once she gets into that hp threshold! She MURDERED them. Someone call Byleth, because I just found a goddess to believe in. She is beautiful, as a unit, and her art is gorgeous.
image image
Look at her. The colors, the dress, everything. Drop-dead magnificent. Have you seen the details in her eyes?! There is a lot of detailing in them, and it makes her eyes shine. The colors work incredibly well together, to create a masterpiece. Her special art is amazing, it captures the beauty of dark spiking Death Knight. She also has a JOJO HAT. Bow down and pray to this art.

The story of her character also shines through in her brave version. Her base version focused more on working hard to be the best, which is why her attack is high, and gets those instant specials. But, her brave version continues her story. In case you weren’t aware, Lysithea has a short lifespan. As she gets older, she has less time to do everything she needs to do. That’s why she focuses on speed now. She has to work faster than death itself. She’s only like 20 years old, yet acts maturely, why? She’s rushing through her life. She has no time to waste. She has to get it over with now. That is why she gets instaperation, to finish it quickly. When she was young, she had time to work. Now, she’s losing time. Her story is tragic, but the story is shown through her skills and her dialogue.

And that is the end of B!Lysithea appreciation post! Feel free to leave more details about her radiance.


She has good fodder

sorry I couldn’t help it


@TMFM Is this your alt account? :upside_down_face:


A lot of people haven’t been paying attention to her, because she’s just “another red mage” and I don’t want Lysithea/B!Lys fans (like myself) to feel bad or regret choosing her!

Well… To be fair, she is just another fast nuke mage. High attack, high speed, “Brave” prf that gives attack and speed, Lull Spd/Res… So yeah. Hell, even Dimitri has a pretty bland prf weapon. Claude and Edelgard have the most interesting prf weapons, but that doesn’t mean Dimitri or Lysithia are bad or anything. It’s just that they’re not that interesting.

And people shouldn’t feel bad that they like a character, she won CYL (well, 2nd place in females) so of course she’s a highly liked character. It’s just that she doesn’t do anything that completely shakes up the meta or anything, unlike Brave Bagelgard with her utterly disgusting stats and skills.



I made my Lysithea appreciation thread a long time ago lol


This, the only thing that can cause me to not hate fodder either lysithea is perfect ivs.

is this a bad time to say I don’t like that hat

She is a phenomenal unit though. Highly underrated. One of the only red nukes in the game who can blow up duo alfonse in one round of combat

Do you have a blysithea?

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I… I told you that a few hours ago remember? I have a +spd/-def copy on my alt and a couple books which will sadly be fodder


I mean on your main, I know you do on your alt


But even on paper I can tell shes a heavily underrated unit with huge potential in astra/anima season that og doesn’t have - both on offense and on defense

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No not on my main. I haven’t even had enough orbs to spend all the tickets :sob::sob::sob:

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she is fluffy


she killed a green unit with effectiveness and her art is a 6 and not a 4 like her OG



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I’m so on board. Lysithea’s my personal favorite of the batch. Granted, mage bias, and offensive mage bias in particular, but still. She’s so good. Guaranteed follow-ups and the same effect as Bernadetta for an offensive unit is really nice. I really do think that chalking her up as another nuke is underselling her talents. She’s L!Celica, but instead of true damage she got cav effectiveness and a direct upgrade to attack and speed. Brave Lysithea is ridiculously good. Also she’s the cutest, which is really what’s important here.


I mean. I had a BLys. :upside_down_face: I appreciated her. For what she was.


Me who likes F.Corrin and Edelgard… and wouldn’t mind if they got as many alts as Camilla has… tho I don’t think my bank account would like it


Her art is awesome, she’s beautiful, i have no regret pulling her. :feh_annawink:

And she is the good unit :feh_lysitheacool: