B skill for Katarina

So, P!Katarina’s kit mostly relies on debuffing the foes.
Her B skill seems fine on her, but I have other units for debuffing the foes (NY!Anna and B!Form with sudden panic). I thout about giving her some kind of lull, but she can’t inherit lulls.
What are the best option for her B skill?
Thanks for all the help!

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Despo or any flier skill


Ranged fliers are… limited when it comes to b slots.

Desperation will probably have to do, or else dull close or a link or something


Desperation is the best, chills are fine. She can’t use sabotage (her Res is to low), mystic boost is not great either. Dull skills aren’t the greatest skills to use, she is limited for her class and her statline