B skill nowi

Is dragon wall worth it on Nowi? I have some spare dragon wall fodder I was considering using over +5 a seiros.



@Gogh uses it on her and she can tank thrasirs apparently

I would have used Dragon Wall on Nowi if I actually got a Seiros from the banner, but I did not so I have no experience in using it on her.

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Probably want to change that seal to something with resistance so she gets to mid 40s

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Works off of visible Res so swift stance ought to change to fort Def/Res or something. Use her on light season too with Eir and Dagr to grant another +10 Res and she’s g2g.


This ain’t Pegasus Flight; Dragon Wall factors in in-combat Res as well. No “At start of combat” stuff here


Ah, I always thought it was visible. I guess that’s where the “at the start of combat, if” caveat comes in. My mistake, swift stance would be fine then.

Yah, if it was visible, even with how good my H.Grima’s Res is, it wouldn’t be nearly as good, but with her inflicting -15 Res on a foe she gets the full effect even if the foe normally would have 5 more Res than her


I wish I had blackfire breath… And 6 more Seiros so I could fodder one…

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Where are you going to use Nowi?

Sadly the build only goes so far, I was trying to have her solo Navarre’s Abyssal, and she just couldn’t kill Navarre to to not doubling and the Healer just healing him back up, and with me using Noontime over say Glimmer (like I would if I was using her Prf weapon) she wasn’t doing any more damage from her special… but of course, I switched to her Prf, Glimmer, and Dragon’s Ire she easily solo’d it (with obviously being within 2 spaces of an ally to activate her weapons effect)

Just a placeholder seal. Other seal is being used while she sits in my barracks. But thanks

I have a spare Dheginsea too. Haven’t foddered him because he’s a favorite lol but I have so many seiros from AHS banner

Most likely AR. I’m trying to revamp my teams. My AR is so out of date

Hey you marked Dragginz’s post as the solution but the skill does not work off visible resistance

He just likes me more so :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Dragon Wall is very strong, gives you lots of bulk pretty consistently. Hard to say if it’s better than Null Follow Up, but I’m pretty confident it’s better than Lull Atk/Spd or Null C Disrupt

That’s true. :upside_down_face:

Light season: Null Follow-Up for sure. Bramimond is extremely scary if you let him follow up.

Astra: Dragon Wall could work for sure. You can even take down some Thrasirs with it if you buff Nowi enough, but I think NFU is still more valuable in Astra because of Duma and Seiros. Nowi is better suited for Light though.