Baby Boy Ewan Build

Hi new to the community! After dumping all my orbs (1400) I finally got 11 Ewans. There are a couple of builds I was thinking about:

  • SerpantTome w/ DD4 and Null-C
  • RavenTome w/ idk (+Def might be fun)
  • Blade w/ Close Counter Vantage (Not sure how viable but gamepress recommends it)
  • FoxTome w/ SwiftS3 and Desperation (Is FoxTome even good compared to Blade?)

I’m leaning towards making him a pure magic tank with his native tomb or a raven tome since Tharja already does Blade better. Does anyone have any recommendations for IV/refine type/skills or be able to sway me towards another build lol. I also have access to most skills like Sturdy Impact, Fury 4, Special Spiral and etc.

I’ll be sure to post his build when i’m done! Also, I don’t push ar or arena so I plan to use him everywhere with my +10 Amelia and L!Azura. Working on Ross next :grin:


Mage/Ranged Tank:


Welcome to the community and congrats on the +10 Ewan!

I think all builds are fine on him. Serpent is probably the most unique on him, since it makes use of his overall high stats. Not sure if it’s the best, but I think of all red mages, he’s the best to do that. It’s my favourite out of your builds, I’d go for this.

Blade and Close Counter is pretty good, since he has such high Atk. People use it in AR sometimes, with good success. Tharja probably does it better though. And Sophia probably does the Raventome build better, with less spd/atk and more def/res.

I think Fox is better than Blade if you want to go for desperation. With the refine he gets +6 Spd from it on initiation and it doesn’t increase his special cooldown.

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I went for a more offensive build. His serpent tome is amazing too. Jealous you got 11 of them! Congrats!

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