Baby girl Norne came home 2x

I finally got my favorite archer. Imo this is what Rebecca should have been sorta like, both art and stat wise (granted she should be fast since in FE7 she was the faster archer if you didn’t want to use Wil). 1st was +def -spd while the 2nd was +spd -hp, I’m gonna use the ■■■■ out of her (+spd -hp one). I know she can be pretty tanky but this is my semi planned build for her:
Weapon- Candlewax mainly but Guard+ if I need her to tank more
A- Brazen Spd/Def or Brazen Spd/Atk
B- Desperation or Renewal
C- Odd speed wave
Movement- Reposition
Special- Bonfire/Moonbow

Any other suggestions? She’s such a flexible unit and can’t wait to use her. Honestly thinking about giving her close counter from the free takumi we got awhile back.