Babylonia 4* Selection Ticket Suggestions

So the Babylonia free tickets are here! I was wondering if I should get someone new or NP2 one of my 4* servants.
If it’s a new servant I’m leaning more towards an arts focused one.

Here’s who I have, all are NP 1 except welfares.

And lv90 Arash


So they downgrade the 54 choose one to a 50 choose one instead?

I suggest Helena for you. Her team wide 20% battery is invaluable to your team

Unless there’s a servant you really, really want that’s in the general summoning pool, choose a story locked servant or Helena (who’s a 4 star waver/merlin).

You’re lacking battery supports. I also second budget waver (helena).

I see Oui-chan and I’m salty.

I say Helena.

Cas gil works best for you with hokusai

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I vote for Helena too, she has NP 20% battery for all servants and a nice arts/quick/buster boost

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Stheno is amazing to tag team with her sister, start getting copies of her now.



also, barring possible exceptions, such as zerklot for skadi memes, I’d always say to prioritize more roster diversity over boosting an np in just about every instance these selection tickets come up

np leveling is for the gacha, selection tickets are for for expanding your gameplay options


Hey guys, I’m super confused about who to choose as well.
Here is my current roster:

Can you guys help me to choose, please?
I’m thinking of NP2 Salter (for her amazing attack power) , NP2 Gorgon (I thought she was bad but she turned out pretty good. AOE Avenger Buster NP with refund, along with Guts and Stun) or a brand new CasGil (he will be fantastic for Squirtoria, Kelly and Hokusai). Or maybe NP2 Atalante/Astofo/Frank for a future Skadi. I only pay for GSSR though so my chance of getting Skadi is also pretty slim.
On the related topic, is an NP2 Frank better than an NP1 Zerkerlot? I have Vessel of the Saint so Frank is better, right?

I’d always recommend going for the new servant over an np level so CasGil. Casgil also happens to complement Hokusai really nicely.

Np2 salter could be nice but she doesn’t really need the level to murderize a wave so it’s kind of pointless and Gorgon is gonna be outdamaged even at np2 by most things anyways due to class neutral so it’s not worth.

Of those you listed only Atalante can loop reliably and she’s far from the greatest at it. Fran can only do it in edge cases and Astolfo can’t at all.

Pre skadi Fran is better but post Zerkelot blows her out of the water because of his looping potential and how his np scales with each usage because of the pre np attack buff.

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You are making me feel like getting her. Because gameplay is overrated and waifu is for life

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Hey guys, can I get some suggestions as well please :sweat_smile: :pray:
I’m a fresh player (started in 2020) so I have no real roster in terms of SSR (only Jack) or SR (only Martha rider), so the guaranteed ticket seems like a godsend. Who would you guys suggest to go for to help a fresh account the most?
P.S I’m saving all my quartz this year (currently on 215 and 20 summ tickets) to roll on Achilles (favourite character) and Skadi (gameplay reasons).
Thanks for your help😄

If you are that fresh a Berserker might be the way to go. Or Helena, you never go wrong with helena

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  • Add OG Saber

Currently my line up, pursuing the idea of Waifu+gameplay, can be seen on how I don’t touch the guys, only uses tier 2+ female servants that are my type. anyways, point is, no supp right? (won’t pull supp besides tamamo and skadi, don’t ask what happened with Tamamo even with the rate up, im currently salty with her and Jalter too btw), Ideally, Female Caster Supp best choice is Helena vs. Semi Supp/ST Caster of Midrash. Helena is above by a point but, what to say, she Loli, and I feel conflicted over it, i mean it’s a game so it’s fine but, my feelings are all over the place. ugh. :sweat:
p.s. definitely a rant. but i wanna share anyways.

Good morning lads.

So I found out we’re getting a 4 star ticket. And I’m torn between my options.

Now my selection criteria is simple: here it is, in order of most to least importance…

  1. Best Waifu!
  2. Story-locked.
  3. Appealing to men of culture.
  5. Chocolate coloured.

Now here’s the thing.

With that criteria I’d say either Nito or Sheba are probably shoe-ins. I mean, how can anyone resist those tanned bunny ears?
However the thing is, that while Eresh failed to materialize, smöl snek answered my summons. Thus I currently have a Best Snek, a Smöl Snek and I’m only lacking THICC SNEK.

And I think it’d be really neat to complete the set.

Also my only avenger is an underleveled Angry Mango.

Whether to get a delicious chocolate bunny or a thicc angry snek? That is the question.

from your 5 criteries, isn’t Sheba the answer? i mean she got 5/5 of what you want.

Right, however, Gorgon would complete a set.

And the completionist in me feels tempted.

Also I’m well stocked for Casters. But lacking in Avengers. And Big Sneks deserve lovin’ too."

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I understand that feel, I even did a restriction on my self that I should have the 3 Knight Classes in same lvl, ascension, skill lvls and Bond. same with 4 Cavalry, tho I consider in my mind that Zerker are separate on their own to reduce the burden.
To answer you, if you got, SR Rider and Assasin you like and no caster, go Sheba to complete the Cavalry(exclude zerker). well i can give more advice if we saw ur line up tho.

You edited late. HAHA so basically, the answers Gorgon then. haha