Babylonia Anime Ep. 9 Discussion

Seeing no one making this yet so I’ll make one my own.

This thread is dedicated to the latest episode of the anime, Ep. 9. Anything related to it will be here to avoid overflowing other threads with spoiler tags (give Bow some rests, guys)
So anyway, let’s commence this, shall we? :fgo_buster:
(And yes, I put the spoiler tag on already so no need to hide details here)

Eresh is love, Eresh is life.




Well personnaly, I have a hard time enjoying it. I can’t stand how Fukimaru is a blanck charcater. They should have use the female version which is much more enjoyable. Fuhermore, I’m the only one who have a hard time with Ishtar flirting with Blanckmaru ? I mean I can’t stop thinking that she’s in Rin body and that Rin was maybe with Shirou before being used as Ishtar corpse :/

Therefore cannot say I enjoy it expect for King wise Gil and Mash.

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Ereshkigal is such a wholesome cutie pie and Fujimaru had the nerve to back away. I mean isn’t the eye widening enough? -_-


It depends on the execution.
You can make blank Gudako who doing nothing as well.

But I hope the inevitable Lostbelt anime would feature Gudako, just for sake of balance.

*Beast VII Gudako

Pls keep this thread go on track and not derail it :fgo_deadinside:

How about we do both?


I might not be disappointed about Gudao, because he is exactly what I expected him to be.


I’m still kinda surprised so many people seem to think this. Maybe because of Riyodako’s infamy in the community, but Gudako is literally the exact same character, mindset, personality, everything with gender swapped. Remember how you can swap your gender any time ingame and you will still have the exact same dialogue choices and everyone will react to you in the same way? Fujimaru is bland self insert protagonist incarnate, both his male and female variant.

On topic: very enjoyable episode. There were some very funny moments (when Ishtar was coaxed into allying herself with the team), and the final scene really highlighted the differences in personality between Ishtar and Eresh (they’re basically the two halves on Rin’s personality). I think it’s very well made in how it offers many hints to the people who know what’s going on, while leaving suspense and a sense of mystery for first time watchers.


Lool, I need to know from which manga come this pitcure serioulsy :fgo_rinlaugh:

To answer why I said that about Blanckmaru is much more abut how the famale version has been protrayed by the different media. Futhermore her design, is, I d think, much better than the male version.

We can evem more specuoate that she’s the child of Shirou and Rin :D

In this instance I think it’s important to differentiate the character as established by the source material and the character as portrayed by the fanbase. Gudako is more popular among fan artists for obvious reasons, and she is not the first character who has a bland base personality changed into something else by the fanbase.

As for “Rin’s and Shirou’s child”: they were both intentionally designed to be theoretical palette swaps inspired by Rin’s and Shirou’s colors: in case you didn’t notice, Gudao has Rin’s eye and hair color just like Gudako has Shirou’s eye and hair color.

There is Shimousa official manga, and Gudako is pretty good here.
I think that Gudako fans wants her to be like that manga.

Then the real question is why Fukimaru did’nt react when his mother corpse talk to him :fgo_insane: ?

True anyways for their characterization but still will like better with the female one.


As far as I’m aware, this is just a design philosophy, and it has never been confirmed that Shirou and Rin are actually their parents, plus the name doesn’t match up anyway. So he wouldn’t know Rin.

Also, she’s not a corpse. Ishtar explained in the episode that her current self is a mix of both of their minds and personalities. If it was Ishtar by herself she wouldn’t act like such a tsundere and be a lot more cold and ruthless towards humans.

It was disproved. Fujimaru’s parents are not mages, nor some important characters, they are just normal people.

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Theoretically yeah, practically impossible.
Going by FGO JP, Gudao/Gudako started the journey in 2015. The stories of Fate/stay night happened in 2004, when Rin and Shirou were both 18 years old.
Even if they started making a child in the same year, Gudao/Gudako would be 9 years old.
I think we can just agree, that the designer were either just unimaginative or wanted it to be some kind of fanservice.

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Nasu: No. Everyone seems to think that the protagonist might be Character XX, but we decided that, as a mobile game, the protagonist would be the players themselves, a person who had been living a normal life up until now. We avoided turning the protagonist into “someone who actually had this backstory behind them.” I want everyone to think of FGO’s protagonist as someone who just happened to see a recruitment flyer at a station, applied and got accepted into the job, and somehow ended up getting taken into Chaldea. I wish I could live a life like that too.