Babylonia Bosses

So, I just reached Babylonia, and I was looking through the boss guide to dread plan ahead, and I noticed that there were only 3 listed. Now, I know for a fact that there are more than 3 bosses in all of Babylonia. Are the rest of the bosses so unremarkable that they don’t get their own listings, or is there some other reason why they’re not listed?

PS: You don’t need to worry about spoilers with me. I already know basically everything that happens in Babylonia.

People are going to have slightly different definitions of what a boss is. Is every servant battle a boss? Every enemy over a certain amount of HP? Does the random fafnir variant count?

Either way, there’s definitely more than three gimmick fights, plus the final battle. So there are more you might want to be aware of. Post the guide you’re using?

Gorgon as avenger so get a support BB
Enkidu as avenger at one point, otherwise lancer
quetz where you need evil or oddball alignment (summer, bride, etc) to do any damage, I found jack most useful there
Ushi as berserker was pretty tough because gimmicks
Various Tianimat (sp?) in beast class, think neutral to everything

Those are the ones I can think of after a year since completion

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I was looking at Gamepress’s guide.

Ushi 6 berserker is a bit hard or easy depending if you had kaleid/imaginary element.

Basically best way is to do 2 massive aoe NP back to back

Quetz - depending on your dialogue choice you might fight not so easy mode or not so hard mode( difference of 100k HP). She take no damage from good, half from evil and full from neutral. Herc, servant that had summer alignment, Jack is best option

Tiamat - while most video shown that she can easily beaten, you still need to be careful since she had NP battery and capable of full charge in one go.

No, only oddball alignment gets full damage. Neutral is half just like evil.

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So I started typing up a mechanical spoiler, but I’m basically just writing down everything from the cirnopedia page on the chapters. I’d recommend you go there.

Yep, there are more bosses, but rather unremarkable. You’ll need to strategize ahead, but with some strategy they’re hard to fail.

IIRC they are just so unremarkable that they aren’t worth a boss guide.

quetz is literally the only actual challenge in babylonia, and only if you take the hard mode route. which is 100% optional and gives you nothing more than bragging rights