Back to back Welfare Servants

To experienced masters, specially those with well populated rosters, this auttum is interesting but not necessarily particularly impressive.

But for those in my situation, relatively new players who started this year and depend on the almsgiving from Delight Works to fill out our rosters, these months leading up to christmas are a particularly exciting time.

In a nutshell. We are getting no less than 4 welfares, each one practically right after the other.

  1. To start, we’ve already gotten our lovely 8bit era Hero Eli.
  2. Then as soon as this is over after Shimosa, I’m getting my first Alter Ego and she’s a cute teenage robot to boot (Btw @Sizzle, how’s that analysis coming along?). Or you can get her doppelganger.
  3. Not long after that. I’m finally getting the lovely Santa Jalter.
  4. And finally, just as christmas comes around I finally get a gold ST Archer, and quite a versatile one too.

So yes indeed, quite an interesting few months for us new and poor masters.

Edit: Forgot about Shimosa, so Halloween 3 is not right after this one ends, but approximately 3 weeks later.
2nd Edit: I forgot about Mecha-Eli chan Mk2 as well. Which means Halloween 3 gives not one but 2 Welfare servants. However, you only get to choose one.


I only see 2 welfares here

friendly reminder that mecha liz needs to be ascended to stage 3 for full missions completion, similar to shiki during the kara no kyoukai event


Noooooooo. I just spent all my hoarded gold embers leveling Saberlot and Lalter. I should have known better…

Gotta start collecting again once this event ends.


yeah, it’s why I’m planning to just grab and not touch any shop embers for other servants until I have this much done at least

We both are in the depths of ember hell my friend. Bringing Dark Titoria to level 80 consumed my ember hoard.

And I’m definitely not going to let my Brave Liz linger like a sad puppy at her first ascension so I’m using the shop embers to level her, even if I probably shouldn’t.

In theory, Ember Hell is temporary. That is if you can and are going to do as much as you can in the Christmas Lottery in December. Because then it’s 25 Gold Embers a box (thus a minimum of 250 if you clear out the first 10 boxes that have the ‘Big Prizes’)

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Isn’t stage 3 ascension for a 4* at lvl 60 ? You can use the event shop embers for that.
Edit: it was the same scare for BB during the CCC event.
Edit2: and I think the event will be running during 1st November so you have the mana prism shop embers available as well.


Not sure how your timeline is, but the next stuff is Shimosa, not Halloween 3. We also have Parvati inbetween.

So, it’ll be a while before that analysis is ported.

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@22whiterabbit22 posted a review of Mecha Eli-Chan here:

It’s old and I’m sure there’s more to say now, but it’s a good overview of her kit and what to expect to get out of her. (She’ll also be a lifesaver during Salem.)

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they already teased halloween3 happening in late october, fyi


Ah yes, I completely forgot about Shimosa, which should give a clear clue of how excited I am about breaking those bars.



Hey, also as an old and experienced master I am happy for welfares :grinning: , because more servants and more possible combinations can be made. If you have E-rank luck, then the welfares can fill the dark void left from the gatcha who trolls you with Shjinjis which are the new mapo tofus, in my case, and the salt is stomped for a little bit. I dont have an ST alter ego so, I am excited for Mecha Liz. Some welfares are even stronger than their respective SSR counterparts, I am looking at you Moriarty. All in all, I am very excited for the upcoming new welfares.


Especially that forced Musashi support versus archer inferno. I dont know what DW was thinking when setting up these fights. Not everybody has their own support or strong DPS.

I think the expectation is that, once you clear P1, you’ve developed your own roster enough to be able to play with a handicap or two.

Are we getting a welfare for the Shimosa chapter? And who’s the gold ST archer mentioned around Christmas time?

No and


Santa Altera is the golden ST welfare archer we are getting this Christmas.

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sad Shimosa welfare noises

Ohh thats right, I remember someone showing me her a while back, thanks for the reminder!

There’s a Halloween event after Shimosa that has an alter-ego welfare, that’s where the confusion might have sprung up


I remember this now too. Thats not too long after this Brave Eli event ends so it should be worth the wait for the next welfare. Thanks for clearing this up, I was a little mixed up