Backburner potential +10s

In my current hald-asleep state of mind, I had a thought. There are a million threads herd about units you have or want at +10, but I’m wondering what units there are that you guys have that you aren’t actively wanting to merge, but would still be cool to +10 by accident.

For example: mine.

I think that all of these units would be cool to merge up to +10, but I don’t actively care about any of them enough to intentionally pull for their merges. Hell, +7 on L!Byleth is an accident as it is. I was going for Corrinja merges, I believe.


Haven’t really tried to pull her but she’s showed up 4 times for me. And when I ended up getting her from the FEH Pass that kinda sealed the deal for me to max merge her so I decided to update her build to SS and LnD4.


Not actively trying to +10 them, but they are all very close to +10

Og Olwen is +8
Ishtar, Selena, Green Olwen +7 (Ishtar would be +10 if it wasn’t for foddering so many copies back when Swift Sparrow 2 was the top go to offensive skill)
F.Celica and B.Lucina +6 (tho I’ve always wanted to +10 B.Lucina but I’m just letting the 4* rate do its job now a days)
Screenshot_20220805-015712_Fire Emblem Heroes


My highest merged accident so far is OG Micaiah at +5:

Theoretically my +3 Erinys COULD challenge that position since I have another 3 manuals of her lying around… but her fodder is good enough to keep those copies in stock:

Alternative build with Lex as support

Some ladies at +4…

…and some more at +3:


Just wait until her refine comes in 2050

Well, I’d be happy if any beautiful or cute woman accidentally gets to +10. I’m a simple creature. Bonus if I know and like them having played their own game.

Some that have made good starts without me summoning for anything more than 1 copy on their debut:

+7: Celica, Ishtar
+6: Dierdre
+5: B!Celica, Sumia, Micaiah, A!F!Corrin, Julia, Sonya
+4: Ophelia, F!Kana

And some I’d love to see more of:
Low: Lucina, Selkie, Velouria, Nephenee, Flora
No: Catherine, Constance, Hapi, Charlotte



I’m hoping to finish off NY.Selkie the next time she comes around (just need 3 more copies) and really want to get more copies of Cathrine (+3 atm) and last 2 copies of Charlotte


I should use the same image in return but that seems redundant.
I’d tried to merge NY!Selkie, getting to her +3 on her debut banner and then next year she’s even sharing with Velouria on that weird double stacked banner. 3 NY!Plumeria and 3 Duo Alfs. I stopped at that point.

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Top row +9s, then 8s, then 7s, and 6s. Never actively rolled for them but these are the ones who just kinda showed up who’d be cool to finish up


The main ones

I will get to Chrom EVENTUALLY, he is just lower priority now compared to finishing my Nanna (who showed up just as much as he did the last time I pulled for him). The other two have been random spooks and some focus free summons. Myrrh in particular has spooked me a total of five times. My first Myrrh was -Def so I actively pulled one copy to get a better IV (the copy you see before you now) but otherwise it’s just been randoms (two 5 Star, three 4 Star special) and that one Ephemera manual

Myrrh is getting to a point where I can feasibly finish her when it’s her turn for a weekly Revival again, and I’m also hoping she gets a Resplendant


Got these three that are closer to +10 than not. None have very good builds if you couldn’t tell, I’d be tempted to give them something if they make it to +10 though.


There are a lot, some of them:


None of them have builds because i have very little fodder and i try to prioritize +10 units and projects, but if any of them comes close to +10 id try to fish the last copies and inherit some good stuff :ok_hand:t2::fire:


highest merge counts without really trying are Delthea and Deirdre (both +6), and I like both of them so I wouldn’t mind if either accidentally +10’d themselves lol


Tibarn and OG Ike are +7 and I’d love if they kept showing up 'cuz Tellius bias.

Saber +6 is and might be in line for DFs if his last merges ever happen. His refine is fun and I’ll take anything I can get for Valentia LHBs. Same for B!Celica tho she’s lower on the DF priority list.

Sonya and Ishtar (+6 and +5 respectively) have also shown up a lot recently


The MCs:

Seliph and Julia are waiting:
Screenshot_20220805-141515_Fire Emblem Heroes

All are +4 and up.

And pretty much any SoV normal pool 5*. Especially Genny (+4) and Saber (+2). Then they could join the rest of Celica’s starting gang. :ok_hand:


Got QUITE a few of those,but I’ll name a few

+6 Quan
+8 Constance
+6 Volke
+7 Tsubasa

All these units have pitybroken me with the exception of me pulling 2 free Volkes and 2 Constance for fodder on her debut banner,but now I’ve gotten so many copies that it’s more beneficial for my barracks to keep her.


All of my happy accidents from +8 to +5


These are the units I have (or could be) half merged or more that I never pulled for besides the first copy:

BLyn and VAlphonse are at +10. One of the copies of BLyn was from the orb pack, the rest just came annanounced when pulling for something else. Alphonse was the accident that happened when pulling for an extra Near Save copy (which ended up becoming a merge when I fall in love with Gustav).

KannaF and GrimaF are at +8. I might finish Grima the next remix, but I won’t pull for Kanna.

Second row and Lief are all at +7. SMEirika could be at +8, but I used a copy for her rally + SS3. OG Micaiah is the only one I consider a merge project, meaning I would allow myself to use 4-8 orbs on her weekly revivial if there are more than one blue. I wouldn’t mind getting extra copies of BCelica, Celica or Lief, but unless Hubert’s upcomming refine is broken, he can get the f**k off (same for SMEirika, I don’t really like ranged cavalry units).

Remaining of third and last row (+ Green Olwen that I forgot to add) are at +6. None of them are active merging projects, but I wouldn’t mind extras of them all, specially BEphraim and Myrrh. Mila and LJulia might become merging projects once they get their remixes+refines. I might also pull for them if they share with good/missing legendaries/mythics. Time will tell.

Second picture are units that are at +5 (or could be). Out of those, BAlm, Idunn, Selkie and Caneghis are the ones that might become merge projects in the future (they need an extra copy or two for me to activaly use orbs for them).