Bad Opinions Time!

Now that everyone’s ready, I have my list of who I like. No one should be surprised by this.

Hardin would be elsewhere if he hadn’t already settled down, just saying.

Edit: Quan is in the wrong row this is why I hate mobile.


It is!

@Bow-of-Sacae this topic was made for you!


Linus in friend but Reinhardt husband

I can’t agree with it xD

A list where you respectfully exclude those with a partner?
Yes, I like this.
And you appreciate the beauty of Virion


sees Tobin above Gray and Alm Already a 10/10 list, you’re grand.

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No bulli me!

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stop bulli - Impulse


People think Zephiel is cute…?

That’s weird, but I’m straight, so yeah. Maybe handsome, not cute lmao.

You’d go for Arthur, Azama, Saias, Lobster, and Oscar, but people like Silas is not your type?




I have a bad opinion of my own and it has nothing to do with your tier list.

Aether is an overrated special and ruins lots of Arena builds for the sake of trivial Arena points.

That’s not really a bad opinion, lol, but there are reasons as to why.

The build the unit has doesn’t matter if they’re never in combat to begin with thanks to IS and their garbage Bonus Unit mechanic.

I’m more refering to defense teams.

But I didn’t really specify, so I apologize.


Probably because people have their Arena Defense team the same as their Arena Offense team, at least I do.

Silas was always cuter with other characters, so I never saw him as husband materials - I liked him better with others.

Cute but not my type”

Puts Zephiel on list


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He’s swole, though.

In fact, he’s one of the gods of swoleness.

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Omg, I’m so gonna make one of these!!!

Bow’s opinions > Yours

As long as Haar is cute, I can respect it.

His chin is massive. How do you make out with someone when their chin blocks your face from getting too close!?