Bad or mediocre servants you love?

What servant you love and use in battles that is considered to be bad, I personally don’t have any at the moment but I am definitely looking forward to getting saber lily.
Extra points if you grailed her/him and maxed skills.
Also share a screenshot.


Well I personally don’t think their bad but since skadi isn’t out yet I feel justified putting em here
MHXA is np2

Maid alter is np3

I have fun using em and skadi being a thing is just a bonus to me :fgo_mhxastare:


Hijikata gets a bad rap.

And Arthur…is pretty bad for a limited SSR.

I love using Edison, who is commonly loathed

I actually use Scheherazade for QP farming.

Hopefully after Da Vinci gives me all the bronze mats (and crystals!), I’ll be able to finish leveling the rest of my “bad” servants and bring them out. I can’t wait to start playing with Diarmuid, Touta, Stheno (charmlock!), Paracelsus (who even now is seriously underrated), and the like.


He really does. I love using him, and he’s the only Berserker that actually does what a Berserker is supposed to do.

That NP5 though, God I wish that were me

Yes! Damage racing with Hijikata is fun.

He can pull off some crazy shiz with Black Grail too. Can oneshot that 400k HP demon in Shinjuku—that’s how I was farming hearts.

At this point if I were to answer this accurately I’d post all my servants in my alt account heh. Since most of the servants I raised up there are the ones I have an interest in but didn’t want to spend resources on my main account on. To save up on space though I’ll just post a few that I enjoy

I’m not gonna talk about my Sanson much. I’ve talked about him enough and various threads. All I have to say though is if he wants some heads I can more than comply :fgo_tamamo:

People give lots of Attention to OG, Digimon, and Puppy Cu but not enough for CasCu. So I raised him up so that he has at least 1 more fan :fgo_umu:

She cute, She attac, She protecc, She snek. She get’s shit on way too much even though her future buffs allow her to hit like a truck given she has two sources for Quick resist down so her dmg can easily keep up with her peers. Have i mentioned she snek?

Well, I pretty much had to otherwise I would’ve wasted that 4* ticket for nothing. Only brought her out a few times since getting her and mostly for that Shell node in Babylonia. She allows for my NP 2 Ishtar to one turn the crab without crits.


The answer as to why any of these are not at least 9+/9+/9+ is due to mat-locking and lore-gating being astoundingly real even if you’re a Week 1 player who goes all out on lottery events, exhaustively clears almost every shop, and generally does due diligence. Still bothered by my Arjuna only being 4/4/4…

Arjuna substantially gets a bad rep because his competition is stupid; but it’s not like he’s someone you can’t reasonably make meaningful use out of beyond the adage of “(Virtually) every Servant is usable.” Er, even if granted, having any of the other SSR AOE Archers does rather invalidate him… I enjoy him enough as is, but I would like to see him get a buff to hopefully get him more recognition/give him an edge. Like what happened with Para.
d’Eon tends to be rather unpopular given George’s existence and subsequently suggested as lowest-priority frequently, and not unjustifiably… but I adore them and playing with them anyway.
Caesar might not be a Hans or some other popular supports, but he’s quite useful in his own right, and dang fun as a DPS or semi-support or w/e.
Touta’s a case like Arjuna, in that he’s only given less specific and overall acknowledgement because his competition is silly… and he’s not David despite being a fine supportish type… uh, and needing some specialization… he’s legit, aight? Was a star player in my (non-cheese) budget Salter run too.
Meanwhile Para has been remarkably useful for at least half as long as I’ve played, certainly before he got onto the map with his SQ. Fun to use even beyond farming, though harder to slot in. Still good civ.

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I gonna upgrade sanson to specially after I played Salem.

MHXA and skadi were my first ever ssr in jp, mad respect on your MHXA

You asked for Saber Lily with high skill levels?

She isn’t grailed, but she is fully 3 star foued. I don’t use her all the time, but that NP gain team support is nice, even if not as good as some other versions like Nobu and Ushiwakamaru post-buff. It’s something no other saber has, and only by the China Lostbelt do other sabers have similar team buffs (team Arts buff and team NP gauge charge). Hope welfares get skill buffs eventually so she and Santa Alter can be free of Instinct.

Didn’t think MHXA was bad or mediocre, but since someone posted her already, then there’s no need to post my max skill one. Didn’t grail mine since I don’t grail past 90. Also nice that someone else likes Caster Cu, I only have his second skill maxed, other casters stole his materials/gems for the other ones. He’s also a potential grail candidate.

Glad that someone else appreciates Edison, here’s mine. Not grailed (yet, he has a chance) and I’m still working on fous, but he’s fun to use and I like his odd design. It’s nice that yours is NP5, mine is only NP1, but all the effects are handy.

Not sure if she’s considered bad or mediocre, but she kept showing up (she’s NP4), so I worked on her skills since invincibility is nice. She was my main rider before Drake showed up in the first Summer event.

Not sure if Sasaki Kojiro counts, but I’ll put him in here because of max skills. Might grail him to 80.

Same with Cursed Arm, not sure if he’s considered bad, but he’s one of my favorites and I might grail him further. Can’t wait for his buff.

Moving on to servants that fit this category but don’t have high skills, I use Mephy a fair amount and I want him to be better, but they have yet to buff his second skill… Romulus was my main lancer at the start of the game and I still enjoy using him, not sure why he gets such a bad rep. Caesar is fun to use and I’m working on his skills, now that he’s 3 star foued he doesn’t die as quickly, though I might grail or give gold fous to help him survive better so he can unleash his strong NP. I’m using Babbage more recently, and I plan to raise Marie Caster’s skills more as well, see if I can get her to perform well as the crit support she’s supposed to be. I use Fuuma a ton, and I’ve enjoyed using Yan Qing in crit teams despite not having leveled his skills at all. Performs fairly well compared to what I’ve heard about him being weak, though mine is NP2 because of replacing Lobo when I tried to get him (used the free 4 star ticket on Lobo to get him at last). I also appreciate Beowulf, trying to get his bond CE.


I love using my lancer Medusa! Ana tears it up when properly buffed.
Did you know helter skelter and the like designed are male and can be charmed? Lol.

In NA, there’s Yan Qing:

Is he bad? Eh, in comparison to others, yes, and according to many people, absolutely. Do I care? Hell no. Planning on giving him that one last grail to level 90. I love sexy assassin man with tattoos way too much.

And then there’s Lobo:

Ah, Lobito. Spooked me 2 times after I got him first during the Shinjuku banner, being my only np3 4 star (not counting welfares). He’s actually really fun to use. I’m assuming once Skadi arrives, he’s going to be amazing to deal with Ruler bosses, or just as a neutral damage DPS. For now, people give Lobo way too much crap ): he’s a good boy.

And in JP…

Charlotte Corday. I don’t think people consider her bad, instead just suffering from 1-star stats and there being many other good Assassins to choose from, even at lower rarities. Did that stop me from grailing her to level 90? Absolutely not. I love her design and her lore. When the right effect from her 3rd skill procs, she’s actually really good with her NP. She took care of Ivan during story stages flawlessly.


Danzo NP2. They told me she trash. I told her to use Go Go Gadget F-Bomb :fgo_buster: (her skills are at Lv 4, though)

The funny thing is that I have both Summer Scathach AND Shuten, but I would rather use her unless the other two are vital to the quest at hand (Event Bonus, for example)


A few more:

d’Eon was very helpful during Shimousa and is generally helpful when protecting Berserkers.

Caster Marie is fun semi-support in Sherlock (and other arts crit) teams. It’s too bad she’s limited and requires 20 gears/skill.

Serenity was my best assassin for a long while and I still pull her out from time to time (like vs Gugulanna)

underappreciated boys

☛ Jekyll & Hyde

Using Irish doggo as last stand? Meh, too mainstream. Most bosses from Fuyuki to Camelot was finished by Hyde, not because I don’t like Cu, but he didn’t grace his presence into my Chaldea until I started Babylonia. Even Proto Cu only came around the start of Camelot and barely any other copies before I finished Solomon. So yeah, whatever people say, Hyde is my last man standing, although he had to retire now because his bond has reached max, but I haven’t finished levelling him because he deserved all those grails and lores

☛ Sasaki Kojirou

he’s not bad, he just suffers from ★1 stat. He’s still my main dragon killer even now because I only have 2 ST Assassin, and the other one being Yan Qing and while I still love my pretty tattoo boy, Kojiro’s skills are more usable in most cases.

☛ Lobo

I hadn’t gotten Berserker because I only wanted to raise Irish doggo zerker and a handful other rare zerker who just wouldn’t spook me, so Lobo has to fill in the role as the one with the bigegst damage multiplier until I got proper zerker. I used to run Sherlock (or borrowed Moriarty)-Lobo-Jekyll just because I like seeing them all in one field. And Lobo is an effective user of Sherly’s crit buff, although our smug detective would snag all those stars at the end of the day.

☛ Gawain

Yes, even I have to admit that he hits like wet noodles without the sun, but once he buster crits, there’s no turning back from double Merlin-Gawain comp and three 2030 CEs to cream Lancers or any classes (aside from Archers). Seriously.

☛ Proto Cu

He’s my second Cu after the Caster, and I find his damage buff and survivability to be just right to utilize. Prolly because OG Cu came late into my Chaldea, I wasn’t really used to his evade and guts playing style (not even Cu Alter’s) and often times got frustrated because they don’t have buffs of their own to use in a pinch and only have guts skill left when all I needed was damage buff to finish thing quickly. Proto Cu gets everything just right in that regards, so I will use him more than the OG until I finished maxing bond him.