(Bait Thread) Who is Lysithea and why did she ended up second in the CYL

I haven’t played 3H (because I don’t have a Switch) but from what I know from Lysithea:

  • She is a loli
  • She is OP
  • She has the same amount of character depth as an Awakening character
  • She has Darkspikes which kills DK
  • She is a loli bait (at least it’s better than Bernadetta)

I don’t get it. Why did you choose HER of all people to get a Brave alt? And this isn’t a common, everyday event, this is CYL! Seriously, what did she do to deserve getting a Brave Alt before Seliph?
Seriously, someone give me a huge explanation why did she got so many votes compared to someone like Rhea or Bernadetta.



Your time to shine.


I got DLC to play, I ain’t got time for this


I don’t even personally like Lysithea that much but this is kinda wrong.


Prove your Lysithea passion,now :feh_doublelion:


Blame IS for giving us like 8 3H heroes.

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well, people voted for her timeskip self, so that’s not loli bait lmao.
people like her as a character, so they voted for her. if people can vote for lucina, who apparently has the same amount of depth as her based on your statement of “the same amount of character depth as an Awakening character”, then people can vote for Lysithea as well.



But why? What did she do to get so much popularity? Is she a super important and deep character? What did she do to get so popular?

Also Lucina is garbage so…

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Yeah, I’m not taking the bait. Muting.


A vast amount of her popularity comes from her being able to oneshot death knight when most characters can’t do so without a lot more investment compared to her. And people just sort of like her.

And yes, she actually kind of is a deep character. A majority of 3H characters are.


What is Lucina’s character?


A miracle!
Idk, it’s kinda random. Isn’t she some kind of side character? 3H isn’t lacking in the characters department. Just seemed weird.

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If you consider everyone who’s not a lord a side character, I guess.

Though she does share something with one of the main characters that can make her more connected to the main story compared to other side characters.


They have inexplicably only released like 8% of three houses characters so naturally people took the opportunity to get more into the game. Lysithea is simply the most popular of the characters that havent been introduced.

I personally voted for Bern but whatever

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So, for the points you made.

She’s a loli because of literal medical reasons that are beyond her control. So that much is true, kinda.

She is OP in a sense. She can’t kill bosses for shit, but she can kill most anything else.

She has far more depth than any Awakening character. Most anything in 3H has more depth than Awakening, Fates or any old FE. Its hard to compare the amount of character depth, from her traumatic experience, fear of dead things (look at first point), and obsession with sweets mostly cause her lifespan is so ■■■■■■■ short that she just lives for what she believes in without a single fiddle given.

As for Darkspikes. That’s the least of her spells. She has access to one of the best relics with matching crest. She’s nutty. I think at Gremory she has a maximum of 10 range on dark magic, but I could be wrong.

I wouldn’t call her loli bait. She’s no Nyx, nor is she Elise, Sakura, or Nowi. She actually grows a bit during the timeskip, and I don’t think its weird to like a girl that’s 5 feet ish. That’s a rather normal height for people (Hell my mom is 5’4 and my Dad is 6’2).

Overall, you got the gameplay part right. But in regards to her character growth and the loli bait bit, I’d be inclined to disagree. Especially with the whole Awakening depth. As the Awakening expert here (I assume since I know all the freaking lore of that game and its prequels), that game pales in comparison even with all of its hints and tidbits to 3H. And 3H has flaws of its own that Awakening still sucks at.Hell, even freaking Leonie and Cyril have growth, and that’s impossible to believe. :sweat_smile:


Which Awakening character?



Hell to the ■■■■ no

I guess

No again


I don’t get why you have to assume such negative things when you didn’t even played the game, or why do you care so much about a popularity poll…

Oh wait, hold up. Now i get it.



Just wanted to mention, you legit can’t get mad at her for that. She had literally nothing to do with the make side. Just saying