Balloon Fight compilation

Jesse and James:

Not very hard, but was surprised how hard tackle hits with Koffing.

Basically got the worst moveset lottery possible on this Persian, fortunately Suicune didn’t seem to have Bubble Beam.

PS lots of reports about Snorlax (And Get Ready to be Defeated “Elite” Grunts Carrying Snorlax instead of Lapras, Obstagoon would be useful here)

Not gonna lie, I’m disappointed at how easy Jesse and James seem. I guess it * sorta* fits the show (them always getting beaten by Ash, the world’s worst competitive trainer) but I really figured on seeing at least a Wobbuffet or something. Those were all unevolved forms.


Psychic Grunts have Wobbuffet, though.

Also the other mons are from Sierra and Arlo.

Gotta catch em all*

*like 20 or so Pokémon and then set a bunch free because friendship

Jessie and James were designed in a way that you can beat them with 3 pikachus or kanto starters…


she cute tho ngl js