Banner Luck Ratio

Sharing my current luck for the current banner

  • In brave banner with 50 orb for only Sigurd (luckily nice iv, still dissapointed that every green and blue orb only net combat manual)
  • Spd asset leila is nice i guess, and two 4*rath, with all ticket and about 30 orb. Aiming for nils but fiora make it bad choice to pull right now.
  • Lastly my biggest luck this time is double special banner, In 20 orb full circle, Atk asset wolt to fix my old one and HMia (i dont have her so i count it still nice), really tempting to spend more for neph, rein, even lyn (compared to that brave trapping banner)


+Spd Leila in under 30 orbs is insane. What a dangerous weapon you now hold in your hands. Congrats!


so basically imagine all that, and take that all away and thats what i got (man i want Leila but these 3 orbs arent cutting it)


Congrats :+1:
Happy to see there is other lucky persons these last days!

I got H!Mia since her first banner and she’s really :+1: Really like the designs and she was my first flier healer !

On my case I got an another B!Lucina on my free summon on the Cyl 1 banner & Summer Lyn on the Double banner ! (2 five stars with 0 orb :joy: and in a row)
Yay !

So in total, for all my free summons in the 3 Year event :

I got (in the order)

  • Summer Helbindi on the Guaranteed Seasonal Hero banner :feh_eirikabulli:
  • Brave Lucina on the CYL 3 banner +atk -spd
  • Lewyn -atk + hp
  • finally a 4* Altena -def + hp :fgo_musashi:
  • Summer Lyn -spd +res
  • Brave Lucina on the CYL 1 banner +res -spd

Wow, it’s just by writing that I realize I got like 5 free 5* units !
At the beginning I was upset about getting S!Helbindi because … he’s got nothing to fodder and I really prefered S!Palla, S!Elise, whatever but a waifu :frowning:
But at the end I was more lucky so that’s ok :+1: :feh_rinea_smile:


Good luck is always a nice thing :feh_hridexcited:


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subcategories rip
may they rest in peace

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R Duel for your merged red swordie?

Tbh I’m not that competitive player and I really prefer to have something which can help the unit :thinking:
But well I will keep him for “collection” purpose.

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AAAAAAAAAAAAH I GOT HEEEEEEEEEER, geez man finally my luck is sorta turning around, got me a Leila