Banner of the Band of Best Bois! It's Genius! -- Camelot the Stage Roll Thread

It was a long wait, but at it’s here! Let’s have a Knight on the Gatcha and dance! The Camelot crew is back! :fgo_serenityay:

The Knights of the Round Table are back together again for their tour on the NA server stage

Let’s give them a round of applause before we introduce everyone

As we start traversing the perilous singularity, we join forces with a Knight of such shining loyalty that he refuses to die, Sir Bedivere!

He’s a force to be reckoned with, and an elusive storylocked 3*.

Danger awaits us with our first gauntlet of the singularity. Fueled by the power of the sun itself, ready to weed out unprepared masters, Sir Gawain!

With his recent upgrade, he can bring light to the darkest night or cave where evil lurks and blind them with his brilliant busters. Don’t miss this chance for your own piece of sunshine usually locked in the story banner.

As we continue our journey through the singularity, we encounter a the sad haunting sounds of the knight who fights with his harp, Sir Tristan!

He’s ready to protect his team as he releases a storm of arrows that knock stars right out of his foes. Plus some python named Monty helped write his interlude and he’s got a nice RUQ for a much appreciated self buff in spring of 2023. Act fast before he gets locked away writing his next song.

Deeper in the singularity we’ll find the Knight of the Lake before his decent into madness ready to defend any fair maiden he sees, Sir Lancelot!

Perfection from release, and always available to answer your summons, he will rain down the might of the stars in and endless stream of critical blows until the foes are no more. Just keep his daughter close in case he gets out of line.

Cross the desert and find an unlikely ally. Personification of the sun itself, look on his works ye mighty and the 2 year wait for his RUQ and despair! The Pharoah Ozymandias!

While waiting for our Pharoah to learn how to summon the sun on demand like a certain knight, please enjoy some star spangled kittens for valentines. They are purrfectly well behaved.

And where would we be in this wasteland without our one and only, beautiful and spectacled, self proclaimed genius and her inventions including the car to travel in style? Let’s give it up for DaVinci, here for a limited time only!

Please be sure to check the autograph line schedule so that you can summon the right knight on the right night.

Best of luck to all Master ready to take advantage of this opportunity!
SQ reserves dependent, results may vary.


Nice thread! c:

Well, I know where my next couple weekly tickets will be going. I just hope Ozy won’t tempt too many quartz out of me. I’ve already dipped into my stash more than I should have during Gilfest, but I want NP2 Ozy so badly, and it would make my SSR ticket choice so much easier…

I’d be happy to have a visit from Tristan or Gawain as well, since I don’t have them (on NA) yet. Lancelot would also be fine, but he’s already NP2 so I’d prefer one of the others. Bedi’s been NP5 for ages and I’d rather not burn any more copies, so no need there.


I wish I could offer more than just that myself. I’ve been wanting to np5 Papalot for ages, but he so rarely gets rate ups and spooks are few and far between. I also wouldn’t mind np upgrades on everyone else.


And here I was thinking my remaining SQ was safe for Astarte!

Always really wanted Ozy, will definitely roll on his + Saberlot’s solo day. :fgo_konoozyda:


Camelot banner without Artoria, smh. Good luck to all for me at least it’s easier to skip this way :smiley:



When there’s a 1 there will be a 2. I bet she’s next.


Oh, nice. It’s weird that it’s set up like this then, knights getting bunched up with Vinci and Ozy instead of their king, or maybe the non-SSR will carry over in both banners… Nito should be there too with Ozy


Those were my thoughts too. But who can say what goes on in the mind of DW


I’m sorry Morgan

But I am taking the bait


Ugg why is it Da Vinci classic always appears at unexpected time, and usually right before or after a major target? Its a plot to make me spend my eldritch abomination space rin quartz, plot i tell you


I want to NP5 my Bedivere after how well he did against Romulus but I seriously gotta start getting it together :catroll:

His time will come eventually


Pickup 1

Does that mean there will be a 2nd banner featuring Lancertoria?


From what I can see, JP had 3 banners related to this stage event, 2 of which had Lartoria so I’d be surprised if she isn’t.


… i hate the timing but at the same times, i feel urge to NP5 my bedi, well looks like i roll for this banner :catroll:


Technically it’s better to roll specifically for Bedi on the saber class banners. On those he gets a 10% slice of the pie as opposed to the standard 4% rate up for 3* servants on regular banners


Yeah but i need gawain for my KoTR collection, and NP 2 lancelot are also tempting. Well my Spishtar fund isn’t that nuch in the first place, probably throw 5 ticket or something and call it a day.


:fgo_holmescultured: good reasons.
Technically also available in the saber class banners, but since sabers are so gold heavy… Gawain and lancelot have much worse rates then.


This had to come after I birthday burned all my tickets (50+ down the drain) on the murasaki raikou banner. NP2 Papalot and NP5 bedi is tempting but the quartz are accounted for so gotta stay strong. I regret not leaving at least 10 tickets for this tho :fgo_stare:


I’ll be rolling for Tristan, but I don’t think I’ll get anything of importance

14 EQ ticket used and no bedi for me. But on the otherhand

Also got my third K-scope in this banner so it’s a win :fgo_amakusadorime: