Banner results worth?

(Sorry for my bad english)
l recently spend all my sq in spishitar banner (524sq+35t), and after lose +/- 50 times in the final bounty dark shadows rounds l was thinking about results of banner, spishitar, ozymandias and jack.

Its worth or not? l dont have any support and this is first time that spend all sq.
Now l have anastasia, mhxa, spishitar, ozzymandias, jack and jeanne archer, but l clear all free quests up to solomon and l think that my “burst” initial is over.


Well, you rolled 3 SSRs on one banner by the sounds of things and then you rolled another separately on the MHXA banner.

That’s very good results for ~630SQ.

You still have Epic of Remnant and Cosmos in the Lostbelt free quests left, as well as rank up quests/interludes and related Master Missions; you haven’t scraped the bottom of the barrel yet.
(Skadi’s download campaign will give out 30SQ for Lostbelt completion and 10 tickets on a login bonus, FYI.)

Do you enjoy playing without big supports? Do you enjoy hacking together midrange comps? If the answer is “yes” then all is well.
If you’re frustrated then your own Skadi would boost your ST DPS substantially and for CQs that Space Ishtar you got.

Gameplay wise you would have been better off rolling Skadi instead of MHXA. But Skadi is what makes MHXA & Jack go brrr, and you have SQ left to farm, so you can still get her.

If you’re struggling with the challenge quest I recommend you read up on the guide and watch a few videos of clears.

You can always borrow a high end DPS, especially as with this quest you can’t spam NPs back to back, so you have in between turns to build NP gauge. I’m happy to stick the damage CE on someone & give you a space on my SL if you need an assist.


Thanks for answer, after so many defeat l finally win the bounty, lm very happy.

About MHXA, l got her in first banner dont remember the month, and her is my main dps, l dont know if her is good.
Skadi looks very op my MHXA hit a high dmg with her, but l really want Tamamo no Mae, l cant find her in support list never.

l trying got a np2 Spishitar, you think better waiting for Skadi?

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3 SSRs for ~630 SQ is very good, people roll 800+ without getting anything, getting one on an average of 210 is great.

Anyways, to also put more things in perspective about SQ: from here to Castoria (July’s 5th anniversary), you’ll get up to ~1033 SQ and 171 tickets (worth 523 SQ) just on daily logins, master missions, event rewards and promos (depending on what they juggle around as our anniversary in 1 month earlier than JP).

That’s not counting SQ from maintenance apologies, bond levels, your specific Interludes and Rank Ups, plus whatever Story and Free Quests you have left.

Taking some time to cool off and rebuild SQ reserves will get you more than you think.

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At this stage you’re gonna have to choose between chasing NP2 and getting Skadi.

If you had more SQ I would advise both, but unless you open your wallet this is unlikely to happen.

Opportunity cost wise Skadi is the greater loss as it’s her last banner. You can try to get NP2 from GSSR (January & July 2022, requires paid SQ) and/or roll in her rerun in Spidhtar’s January 2023.

NP2 is a nice boon for her damage and how easily she can farm in Castoria teams (releases July 2022), but if I had to choose between the two I would grab Skadi.

Damage comparison

Equipped with lv100 Demon-Sun Princess, with Castoria buffs and self buffs/NP overcharge stacks only (no mystic code or 4th servant buffs):

Lv90 NP1
69k w/1 NP OC stack, 79k w/2 stacks, 99k w/ 3 stacks & skill 2

Lv90 NP2
92k w/ 1 NP OC stack, 105k w/2 stacks, 133k w/ 3 stacks & skill 2


Congratz on getting 3 SSRs in 629SQ. Some people only get 1 SSR and others don’t even get any SSR.

If it’s worth or not is not something I can tell. Only you can tell since this is your game playing. I didn’t have any supports either until Reines appeared and later we got Nero Bride. As you can see those two aren’t Skadi, Tamamo, Merlin or Waver but who cares! I don’t mind playing the game without the big supports. Sure, I want Skadi and Tamamo but that doesn’t stop me from playing the game.

If you ask me then you should try to get Skadi and leave Sishtar alone since there’s a rerun again in the beginning of 2023. Try to get Skadi and if you are lucky then you may get her.

About Tamamo; There’s a banner in January when Hell’s Kitchen even reruns.

You can get 5 more summon tickets by beating the dark lords of rounds in this events.

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I concur with other posters. 3 SSRs in 629 SQ is great. I also concur that for account with no major supports Skadi > NP2 Spishtar. 50% native charge is amazing, regardless of card support type. However, I would also recommend starting to hoard for Castoria. With no native supports (if you aren’t lucky on Skadi) Spishtar on her own won’t be amazing regardless of NP level.

I am now up to 1290 SQ on Spistar’s banner without a single SSR. I think at this point I’ve stopped trying for good though, and hopefully Skadi will be kind(er) to me, with my remaining 450 SQ.


Your English is enough, so no worries - I’ve seen worse from Americans who are supposed to be native speakers. LOL

Anyhow, it sounds like you are a new(er) player who went all-in on the Space Ishtar banner. That’s fine, as it sounds like you are developing your roster. Most F2P stop after the 1st copy of the rate-up SSR; however, as Spishtar gets better at NP2 and NP3, it’s totally reasonable to keep pulling in the hope of more copies.

I have all 3, and I would raise them in this order:

  1. Spishtar is a fantastic servant, with good neutral damage, and excellent farming ability in the event, so power her to Max Ascension (80+) and level up her 3rd skill.

  2. Ozymandias is an excellent semi-support, as his +20% charge skill will enable all sorts of farming options, and his team buff is also helpful.

  3. Jack is an excellent Assassin, on par with Kama. She can self-loop against many targets, and just murders [Female] targets.

IMO, you were very lucky to get Servants who are all high-tier/top-tier, not a single ‘dud’ among them.

Looking ahead?

  • Anastasia and Jeanne Archer are also top-tier AoE Arts Servants. Like Spishtar, Castoria, will boost them for looping in the future. Good stuff!

  • Saving ALL SQ for Castoria. You have a strong Arts core that will only get better.

  • It wouldn’t hurt to test your luck with some Tickets or a little SQ on the upcoming Skadi banner, as she’s a fantastic support who works well for Jack.

If you’re losing in the final bounty rounds (Elizabeth), that’s understandable if you are newer with a less-developed roster. If I were you, I would just borrow a really strong NP2+ Spishthar and burn all 3 Command Seals for a Team Revive and clear it that way. That’s what I did with Elizabeth yesterday, and am recharging CS for the Challenge Quest.

Good luck!


IMO, OP might do better to use the GSSR for Caster which has 2 meta supports and 4 “good” DPS, no “bad” results.

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If they don’t get Skadi, yeah. Merlin is fantastic and I love him, but virtually no comp featuring him is double Merlin; standard for Buster atm is Waver/Merlin* and in the future he gels with Castoria for broken nigh immortal comps.

Everytime I’ve used my Merlin I could have borrowed one (minus the fact that mine has the freedom of my CE choice), but they can’t borrow NP2 and use DCS.

*With Waver on ticket Merlin can be borrowed

Mm, that said…

I don’t know what Vitch comps people run in CQs (as Oberon is ill-suited imo and Vitch brings no survival tools), so maybe he’s a 4th slot on DKS for CQs.

Also… a native Merlin does mean you can borrow Godjuna.


Native Merlin is like native Herc - you always have a good one of your own, freeing you to borrow a DPS or support or whatever. Skadi is probably better than Merlin, simply because she’s targeted 50%.

IIRC, Double Merlin was a recommended comp for 1T Barbatos.

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Barb had a ton of working comps tbh. I ran BG Circe/kscope Astraea/Waver. I don’t remember if I plugged Tama in.

The Merlin builds probably wanted Sanzang with BG. I saw people without the ideal run2dps comps woth welfares like mecha elli-chan.


I did not have a very strong roster at that point. I ran a team of Shakespeare-Waver (non MLB IE)-friend Sanzang with BG-BB with goddesses of the glittering snow. It involved a Waver-Sanzang-BB NP chain and usually managed to kill in 1 turn. I did not have Mecha Eli Chan, and brought BB for debuff clear and damage.


Congratulations on the roll! Like others said, you are incredibly lucky to get 3 SSRs with merely 524 :fgo_rainbowapple: +35 :ticket: . To put it in perspective, I only got 3 SSRs this entire year with 2370 :fgo_rainbowapple: + 236 :ticket:

I would say save up for Castoria (~July next year) if you can. With these 3 new SSRs your roster is already plenty solid. Just level them up properly then you should be able to progress the story quests without any issue.


Thanks you all for answers, l really appreciate the help.

lm go try to got Skadi and after save for Tamamo no Mae/Castoria.
Anyone can add me on friend list please? My servants are weak yet.

GrauGeist_Neu, lm learning english, and l have difficult for write but l promise improve.


Thanks you guy, But lm feel bad for that, you deserve very much more with 2370+236.

l want upgrade Jack and Ishitar but l dont have more QP :frowning:.
l fear for the future, for me its very hard accumulate +500SQ, but Cards said me that l have yet more contents,
for that lm more peaceful.

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Yeah, Merlin supporting Sanzang was supposed to be the “best”, but I was impressed how many 1T options were available with meta Servants and CEs. As I didn’t have any at the time, I ran double DPS ft. Mecha Eli & Jalterzerker. IMO, it was a good civ for being so accessible.


The Christmas event coming up in a month or so will solve your QP problems. There will be a thread here nearer release with example teams for farming that event.

As far as upgrading your Space Ishtar goes, just make sure you’ve fully cleared Saber Wars 2, including the event shop. It has the majority of her upgrade materials.

You have command seals - use command seal revives if you have to so you can beat the two challenge quests after the event story. I’d even argue that for the last fight “Dark Rounds Shadow” it’s worth a SQ revive if necessary as Lores are an upgrade material that slowly trickles in (we get 2-4 per event, you use these to upgrade skills from lv9 to lv10).

Seeing as you asked for help - here’s my event support list & friend ID:


Make sure to tell me if you send a request so I know who to look for.

If you get Skadi, make sure you trade your exchange tickets (the daily login reward) for Eternal Ice and Aurora Steel.
Those tickets are handed out as monthly versions (so any tickets received this month are labelled “October”) and each month’s tickets can be traded for different upgrade materials. This month and December’s tickets can be traded for the materials I mentioned.

Merlin Sanzang with BG/NP levels was “best” in terms of total clicks to kill Barb. Tbh double Merlin wasn’t ideal - you wanted Lancer Raikou as she gave debuff clear and nearly Merlin level steroids.

That event was probably what alerted me to Laikou’s value. Now I have her (& NP1 Sanzang/Merlin) there’s no Barb rerun in sight :fgo_bblaugh:

I like that raids aren’t too restrictive, we had a bunch of people Bond farming the Oniland raid with different Servant choices. I took it as a chance to bump Kama some more; I’ll bring her out whenever she’s a relevant option.


Holy crap, that’s a sexy support list. :+1: LOL


You’re free to add me as well if you want - I have a few slots.