Barry EX VH solo guide: F2P-friend(lier) method

So I just went to the Barry EX VH guide to take a look and I found the only solo guide there. And I was a bit shocked with it.

3 premium 5* units??! Seriously, how many people have all 3 of those? Besides, Karen hasn’t even had a spotlight scout yet. Not a lot of people have a good chance to successfully pull her.

So, I came up with a more F2P-friendly method. It took a while and a little finalizing, but it was ok. I decided maybe it was a good idea to share it here so people who are a bit frustrated trying to get 2* Grass gear without friends can try this out.

Here goes!


Battle Steps:
(Note: Important steps are marked with italics.)

  1. Select “We’re Standing Strong!” right when the match starts. Send an “Attack together!” emote to get your NPC teammates’ Treecko and Snivy going.
  2. Switch to Sceptile and use “No Turning Back!” followed by 2 Dire Hits +. By this time Empoleon’s sync gauge should be on 2 (possibly 3).
  3. Aim at Empoleon and spam Bullet Seed until unity. Snivy might switch out: that is normal. Don’t use any emotes or Snivy will switch back in and use a second “Time to Energize”, which we don’t want here.
  4. Unity Attack: NPCs switch to their Persian and Houndoom. Do not send any emotes here either.
  5. Continue using Bullet Seed on Empoleon and use your sync move once ready.
  6. Sceptile needs to get in at least one move after its sync move before Empoleon launches Late Fee Bubble Beam. It can be Bullet Seed, or NTB if your move gauge isn’t full enough.
  7. Arcanine will switch in. Use X Speed twice.
  8. The left Bronzong will queue Hypnosis after the second X Speed. Switch to Liepard’s “All or Nothing!” after the 2 X Speed to let Arcanine tank the Hypnosis.
  9. Use a second AON after the first one. Now start spamming Night Slash. Make sure you are still aiming at Empoleon.
  10. Once you are low on the move gauge, send another “Attack together!” emote. The NPC’s Snivy and/or Salamence will switch in and refill your move gauge.
  11. If everything goes right you should have your sync move ready before Empoleon’s. Launch it once ready and it should be able to OHKO Empoleon. If it fails to KO, and Empoleon takes out Liepard with a second sync move, don’t worry and move on.
  12. KO the Bronzongs with Night Slash if Liepard is still alive. The Carracosta’s should switch in and that’s around when your NPC teammates should have their sync move ready. If timing is right they should heavily damage or directly KO the Carracostas.
  13. Finish off any struggling Carracostas with Dark Pulse/Flamethrower. Or probably you won’t need to because Roserade and/or Treecko might KO before you ever reach 3 slots for the Dark Pulse/make Arcanine wake up.

That’s it! I might upload a video on it later but I’ll have to convert it to some other format and I’m a bit lazy.

Note: The left Bronzong might faint early, only happens occasionally, but just follow the instructions and you should be fine unless unlucky crits and the sort happens.


there’s a easier single method:
you don’t need marley,just lvl 120 brendan, rosa and another random sync pair to reach 25000 strength.
when enter the battle, turn on the auto mode, and see if the bronzong sleep your sceptile or NPC’ s treecko, just quit and restart. if not, just let auto play until unity. after unity, turn off auto mode and use bullet seed until sync move. (usually 1 or 2 time) Using this method can make sure your sync move is earlier than the empoleon. after your sync move, the empoleon should be dead or very low hp. just turn on auto mode and wait for the victory.

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And that’s the reason I’m using Marley. It might take a lot of restarts to get Bronzong to target Snivy, so my method is more consistent.

Besides, not a lot of people can afford the L120 cap yet.

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Yes ,your method are more likely to succeed. When i team up with teammates i will use marley too.
But my method is for some lazy people like me who just want a full-auto battle. I just test about 10 times and found that if the bronzong sleep the snivy, you can keep the auto mode and don’ t need to control anymore. (maybe you have to take sync move manually) just wait for the victory. No extra emotes or manual controls.
I said lvl 120 because my sceptile is lvl 120 so I don’ t know if lvl 100 is OK. If anyone have lvl 100 sceptile you can test this method and reply me.

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Right, this guide is practically only for lone players with no friends that play as well. 3 players playing in good coordination can easily breeze the entire thing with a Marley and 3 Brendans.