Base Corrin Glow-up

While I’m definitely getting a little bit burnt out on Corrin right now, I’ve been thinking on a build to work towards for her considering the beautiful resplendent art we’re getting here shortly. My thoughts so far are as thus:

Good god the investment needed :sob:

Got the spec buff and debuff with her refine and C-slot, and A/R Finish buffing her weakest stats with sustain and a bump up to her damage. Moonbow and D. Wrath to capitalize on Finish and to help deal damage.

My other thought was some kind of support build considering her ATK and RES are frankly garbage by modern unit standards, though I only got as far as D/R Unity and maybe, Goad Dragons?


The resplendent really does look awesome. Just have to say that again and probably every time I see her.

I’d say the build is very good on her as, so long as her opponent has taken all her debuffs, she has pretty respectable mixed bulk at effective 63 and 57. My only though is whether it might be worth giving up on DC to run a breath seal to more reliably get the extra damage and healing from the finish given she has nothing to block anti follow-up effects meaning no special proc for healing in one round of combat in that situation.

On the support idea, assuming the idea is she debuffs the foes with her prf and menace, I’d say given that her breath is only 2 range debuffs that means she’s a frontline unit and I wouldn’t be running support skills on someone so close to the enemy.

I’d love to be able to invest in mine like that but, alas, no fodder. She has the menace but I’ve got Nowi calling dibs on any DW4 I get.


Yeah, my actual copy only has the D/R Threaten 2 right now. Sothis has first dibs on Wrath 4, personally. I could give her Finish via a spare B!Tiki but there’s no Finish 3 bridges for this one. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Fierce Breath Seal when, IS? Otherwise it would be Warding B if I was to use her, which means I wouldn’t be using my B!Edelgard.

A goal to work towards. :sob:

so many red dragonflowers


Def/Res Menace is in the codes if you haven’t already used it. I think that’s where my Corrin got hers from.

Good luck with long term goals.

That’s the worst of it all. I’ve so many gen infantry I’d love to invest in but without flowers to go around they’re missing out on 5 points in every stat which is huge.


That it is, I just haven’t started on that particular line of codes yet :sob: lol

Silver lining is that flowers are a bit easier than the actual merging and skill acquisition, it just takes longer. And any 3H units have priority, possibly followed by Blazing Blade and Sacred Stones for me.

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