Bastiodon in PVP

I managed to get a Bastiodon that hits 1500 CP exactly, but it reaches 1500 at level 39.5. My Bastiodon is level 15. Is it really worth the 246,400 Stardust and 268 candy? I feel like there are cheaper investments that do the same exact thing Bastidon can do.

Bastiodon is about as tanky as they come for GL PvP and can often easily outlast most opposing Mons, so long as they’re not packing Ground, Fighting, or Water moves. If someone is unprepared going up against it, they may very well lose because of it. I’m definitely a fan!

Now, all that said, it’s a hefty investment. I personally think it’s worthwhile, but only if the following are true for you:

• You PvP regularly, enjoy it quite a bit, and want top-tier teams.
• You participate in the Silph Road Cups, and would want a Bastiodon on your team next time it’s eligible.
• You don’t have any other current PvE projects that you’ve been holding off on.
• You’re ok spending almost a quarter of a million dust on a Mon that is only useful in GL PvP and nowhere else.
• You have enough Shieldon candies that you won’t need to dip too heavily into Rare Candy stockpiles in order to max it and unlock the second charge move.
• You’re confident that the IV spread is the one you’d want for such a hefty investment.

Have you used Probopass yet? I’m wondering if he might be a better option because it’s cheaper and he has the same typing, but has Rock Slide, not Stone Edge.

I personally have not used Probopass, though I’ve heard very good things about it. I believe it’s a bit less tanky, but I like its movepool better for the most part.

Thats how I felt, I thought the movepool seemed more threatening. I like how Bastidon has Flamethrower, but Probopass’ movepool looks pretty good to me. Plus, I like his stache a lot. :rofl:

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And here I thought Probopass just had a really bad case of out-of-control nose hair. :rofl:


I’ve been beaten many times by being unprepared for Bastiodon (or not having enough appropriate counters) :flushed:

tfw none of your Shieldon hit that ideal 12/15/15 IV spread

I just want to evolve one yet this game keeps playing me so :sob::sob::sob:

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I did get 1 shieldon lucky…


Personally I prefer probopass, and I have both. Bastiodon is very slow, rely mostly on fast move damage to take down it’s opponent. Probopass has better charge moves, but also has spark which charges very fast. with its bulk you can really put shield pressure on most opponents. Another advantage is that it wins the Bastiodon matchup.

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Good to know. Thanks for your input.