Why does this thing know Flamethrower? Nothing about this Pokemon indicates it has the ability to produce fire inside of it’s body and then release it. Let me murder it with my Meganium or Registeel without needing shields. /endrant

What other moves do Pokemon know that make no sense?

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Because it came from the 3DS games and they add in something for it as PvP Coverage and to waste your TMs.

Same thing with Rhyperior knowing Surf, Ho-oh knowing Earthquake, Gothitelle knowing Rock Slide, Salamence knowing Hydro Pump or Honchkrow learning Psychic.


Not even weird. Bastiodon is like a tank/dinosaur. Look at Normal types. Snorlax using Dragon moves, a raccoon Pokémon using Ghost…


Coming from the main series games, trust me, there are MANY moves that don‘t really make sense on some Pokemon.

It’s less to me about the typing and more about the move itself. Outrage is okay because it just means getting really angry. But Flamethrower is throwing flame so fire type makes sense but I don’t see how Bastiodon can generate that fire.

Maybe he ate really hot pizza earlier :smiley:


And Persian can learn Thunderbolt, which has been demonstrated on many occasions.

Just go with it. It’s not like Squirtle has enough water inside it to power a single Hydro Pump. It’s magic, cartoon physics. It may not make sense, but none of it really makes sense.

Although, as previously noted, Bastiodon kind of looks like a dinosaur. And the logic of cartoons is that dinosaurs are basically dragons, and can therefor breathe fire. This example is actually less ludicrous than the Persian example.


But there is a cartoon called Thundercats, so we’re dealing with mythology from multiple sources now…

But there is a cartoon called Thundercats, so we’re dealing with mythology from multiple sources now…

That’s actually a very reasonable point. The designers certainly aren’t above including pop culture references or gags in the game. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the Beeheeyem / Steel Wing conspiracy.

Was that the thing where its meant to be an Area 51 reference since the TM is 51?

Theres the Snorlax/Totoro conspiracy…but I thought I had read somewhere that Snorlax is a deliberate homage to Ghibli. Not sure.

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I don’t know about Meganium as I don’t have one with Frenzy Plant (pretty sure you might not even need that against Bastiodon anyways since EQ hits 2x SE), but Registeel sure as hell doesn’t need a single shield to beat Bastiodon, charging it’s charged moves twice as fast and hitting 2x SE damage with Focus Blast. Hydro Pump from Azumarill hits better on Registeel than a SE Flamethrower from Bastidion, lol

Registeel only wins in the 0/1 shield, it loses in the 0/2 shield scenario.

I think the whole concept of how pokemon perform “moves” revolves around taking raw energy and changing the form into whatever the attack needs. Bastiodon isn’t generating fire so much as willing its energy into fire. Mons that are fire type have a better concept of fire and can do it better, hence STAB, but any Mon with the concept of breathing fire could concievibly breath fire or have claws as sharp as steel or summon gallons of water or thunderstorms or localized earthquakes

I mean, yeah, but thats for 92% other pokemon too. You dont win a lot of matchups if you lack 2 shields lol

Winning 0-1 shield is actually a great advantage