Battle in New York 2021: Exhibition Quest Thread!

Taking a break from farming? Finished admiring Gil’s animation upgrade! Well guess what? The fun doesn’t stop, it’s time to complete some Exhibition quests!

Here’s a link to the guide:

Here’s last year’s thread if you need a reminder:

I await your creativity! Your guile! Your use of seals when all else fails! Good luck, mongrels!

BTW: Just to trigger some PTSD, she awaits:


I almost beat the Touta Quest with Kagetora

Sadly I lost because of his NP, my evade wasn’t up

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I have put my NP3 Enkidu with damage CE up if anyone wants to solo.

Kinda looking forward to some of these, many Servants I used last year have better NP levels this time and/or have had strengthenings.

I’m gonna wait until rotation 2 to clear EQs unless I get really bored.

Good news is I can safely lv100 the damage CE then use it as a bomb later. Still have a copy of last year’s for when I want a Guts outside of events

probably gonna use the same teams from last years, hopefully none of the cqs made harder

I didn’t want to be the first but Enkidu is so much stronger this time round and I wanted to try them out on this ASAP.

14 turns which was far superior to the 25 I took last year.



the roll thread is two blocks down :fgo_bblaugh:

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Sorry I got too excited :fgo_jeannu:

Same DPS as last year because I’m lazy.




Since this year I have Enkidu, decided to test them against Touta. I don’t remember many problems with this EQ last year without soloing, to be honest. With soloing, there weren’t many either.

As for Leonidas, last year I went with the immortal Nito team and 65 turns :fgo_deadinside: This year, I kindly asked the Emperor to take care of her event, since she had rank up and all. On the fifth try, RNG stopped being a complete ass, and we were actually able to wrap it up. Sorry, George, you weren’t able to slay any dragons and/or spartans.

Also, first time Waver actually lived to see the end of the fight. He usually kicked the bucked around the middle of the second HP bar.

But why mix stat DMG CE? :woman_facepalming:


Beat touta with a basic enkidu run, but I did this

Against leonidas, mash, hans and Merlin exploded near the end but I managed to finish him off with a jarcher brave chain.


I don’t know what happened. Touta kills Nagao, pops the guts, leaving her with 98% np gauge and then I get my debuffs cleared and 300% gauge?! Ill take it!

I still fucking hate the Gerald Butler and his goons CQ but the King made it easier than last year.


After I finally managed to not get 2 types of card locked turn 2, Enkidu even with the non LB Damage CE had a really easy time with Touta.


Gonna be so traumatized by some of the exhibition quest alright.Gonna try it once I MLB the damage CEs.


There’s people with the MLB dmg CE already? Damn.

I will keep these for the end of the first round, doing anything beside farming makes me feel like i’m wasting time right now lol


First quests were easy.

Just crit Touta, and finish him with np on his last hp bar.

On other hand Leonidas challenge quest was simply “Kill mobs to decrease his defense”.
Sometimes I got stray crit from the mob but overall nothing special.

Well my nemesis will soon come!
Heroine Alter and Jaguar!


Just need to clear 5 boxes to MLB without drops. Doesn’t take that many apples to reach already

Tawara EQ:

Wasn’t able to take a nice screenshot, but here’s the team I used:

Yep, basically a classic Enkidu solo. Same way I did it last year. Not much else to say really since it’s a relatively simple fight to solo

Leonidas EQ:

Slapped together a team to take this one using Summer BB, like last year:

Overall, that could have gone better since I broke Leo’s first bar a bit too quickly. But at the very least I beat it on my first attempt, which is a big change compared to how I struggled with this fight last year.

It was a bit of a close shave I’ll admit. But oh well.


I’m having a bit of trouble with the first quest. I am currently trying to solo it. My ST
lancers are a level 70, NP5 6/8/6 Cu and a level 80, NP5, 9/4/9 Kagetora. I also have QSH (level 100, 10/10/10, NP1). My major supports are Waver and Merlin (if relevant). I have tried doing the quest with my QSH (non MLB damage CE) and with a friend Enkidu (level 90, NP2, 10/10/9, non MLB damage CE), but QSH moves too slowly and gets whittled down by the max HP drain and Enkidu just dies after ~15 turns. Also, at one point, Enkidu had all 3 colors sealed, even though he was the only one attacking. So what should I do?

Sounds like you described my Enkidu. I’m just mlb’ed the damage ce f you want to try again with more power