Battle of the ST Arts 4* Sabers


With the upcoming 4 star ticket coming up, I figured I’d spare you from the obligatory “wHiCh OnE” post, because I’m picking Saberlot, the absolute unit. I love crit servants and Lancelot is certainly one of those. However I found it interesting in my browsing that whenever Lancelot came up that many people said Munenori was a good deal better. I do understand the lack of Lancelot’s defense utility being a minus, but all of Sitting EX’s offensive skills last only a turn and are often tied to his defensive or utility skills. It looks to me like Munenori is only better defensively with not much offensive presence. What, if anything, am I missing, and who do you think is better?


Saberlot’s crits last for more than one turn and Sitting EX only lasts one, but he brings more utility to the team with his attack down on his third skill and his NP and has better survivability with his multiple attack downs + evade.
IMO Sitting EX is a bit tricky to use and if you don’t time his skills right, then everything falls apart. But if you do know how to use him, then he absolutely destroys everything. Saberlot is more straight forward to use as a critting monster, but that’s all he’ll bring to the table.

So if you want unlimited critworks, go with Saberlot. If you want some more utility by trading off critting power, then go with Sitting EX.


I have Yagyu, and while he’s certainly strong he’s not as straightforward and easy to use like Lancelot is.

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Lancelot is newbie/lazy mind friendly
Munenori works better for more experienced players and CQs where his ATK debuffs can save the whole frontline on NP turns and break bars

Both can NP loop and both deals very high damage

They both occupy the ST saber niche but they do it a bit differently. Lancelot is completely focused on sustained and self reliant crit damage but is useless while his buffs are down. And Yagyu only has one turn for really strong crit damage but has really strong debuffs and such built into his kit

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I already have saberlot

I don’t have yagyu

also, only one of these is story locked

guess who my pick is



Saberlot was a lot more useful for farming Xmas 3 where we needed crits to take down Enkidu to ensure a succesful 3T. Being able to supply 35 stars just by himself going into W3 pretty much guaranteed that unless you got a hand full of Merlin cards, you’d burst Enkidu down in a single turn.

He’ll be helpful for the Apoc raids for the same reason (tho we also get a damage boosting CE, so…)

Munenori is designed for stall. His unique utility fits nicely with stall teams—everyone from Osakabehime to Tamamo and Edison appreciates him—hell, someone even used him in a weird tricolor NEET/Piglets/Sitting team for the recent summer CQ on JP.

Point is: I think they play different roles. Saberlot is good for fastburn crit teams where damage racing is the strategy.

Yagyu plays slower but he’s capable of completely neutralizing an enemy’s NP damage with the right suppprt, which is a nice that few others can claim.

I hate Yagyu as a character, so Saberlot all the way.

Got him on the last free 4 Star. No regrets.


I was originally going to get Saberlot over Yagyu, then I looked at their skill mats and realized I’ve got everything I need to 10/10/10 Yagyu’s skills and I don’t have enough Knight Medals to max even one of Lancelot’s skills.