Battle Villa & Legendary Pairs Trend?

I noticed this while going through the Battle Villa, and I’m not sure whether this is coincidence or if this actually means something :thinking:
The weaknesses of the Battle Villa floors seem to have some correlation to the typings of the pairs you get from Legendary events.
2nd grouping of 5: First floor is Steel, followed by Fighting - Solgaleo
3rd grouping of 5: First floor is Dragon, followed by Flying - Rayquaza
4th grouping of 5: First floor is Psychic, followed by Ghost - Mewtwo
The first floor is the main type, and the second floor is the secondary attack type of the Legendary. All 3 Legendary Events so far have featured Strike Pairs with two possible attack types.
Does this suggest a future Legendary Event featuring a pair with an Electric/Water or Fire/Rock typing? Or am I jumping the gun? :feh_legion:

No way it’s a coincidence, right? But I don’t recall any notable legendaries with these 2 move sets.

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