Battle villa teams

Hi was looking for help making battle villa teams I don’t have red so I’ve been trying to use lycanroc but starting around floor 10-15 I’m not able to clear a boss fight with him anymore I’m guessing my team around him is bad so if anyone has a good team using him it help a lot. Preferably without using salamance since the one team I have that works well in villa is the garchomp sand team. Other strikers I have are Pinsir but he feels even weaker in there then lycanroc, guzma but only move level 2, Kris, Caitlin, chandelure, gengar, ho-oh, solgaleo, the story Pokemon and some worse ones emboar plumeria Elesa non sygna etc. supports I have are phobe, Lyra, eevee, Alakazam, salamance and the free and 3 star supports.

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Pinsir is 100% overrated trust me. Don’t use it.

Did you use your 5* strike candy yet? If not use it. No Quarter is broken.

Do you have Blaine? Ho-Oh looks to be OP on a sun team. Just add a support that can buff Atk/SpAtk like Torchic. Added bonus that all 3 are Fire sync pairs. (not necessarily a good thing though)

If this has Lvl2 sync move, get Smog flinching on the sync grid and use it as a Support unit.

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Plumeria love. Such a good unit!

Swanna, Mew, or really any other defensive pair can usually be used instead of Salaemence on any team that calls for it.

Thanks for all the responses.
@TheKyogre I had to use my strike candy to get garchomp to 3/5 since I didn’t pull a third so I can’t use it on guzma I have Blaine I tried it in villa but I lose both support pairs rly fast so ho-oh can’t rly get enough time to finish the floor. My plumeria is only 1/5 so I can’t use the good grid yet.
@Svidrigailov thanks I’ll try swanna.
I finally pulled blue and rotom so for villa I’ve been using: garchomp, Palossand, salamance - blue, rotom, eevee - lycanroc, Torchic, dusknoir. Still barely able to clear 2 floors a day some boss and sub boss floors take me 2 days. Not sure what I’m doing wrong but only the garchomp team feels strong the other two feel rly weak anything else anyone can help me with will be appreciated. Thanks

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Sometimes you just gotta leave them chunked to finish them the next day or so. There were times I didn’t feel like playing so I just rushed miniboss+boss floors and left it at that. Lol

And yes, having the grid locks is such a bummer, especially when you see something interesting or fun or whatever. :p
What I basically do, with that I have currently, is have a refresher refresh atleast once per floor (works mostly on the lower levels, but can’t do on higher ones) so they each can potentially be on 2 floors each.
Also, did you get the free Mew or nah? Coz’ that one is super cheesy in the lower levels, especially when you have their grid setup in a way. Mainly a role 1.
I could tell you how hard I tryhard, but I’ll let it pass. Haha.
Goodluck tho. :)

It’s good to have a big collection of pairs to rotate between :thinking:
Supports like Swanna and Mew can become much tankier with the Regen effect. I use Glalie for this (somehow mine is level 3), but Stoutland can also suffice here.

As far as going through the Villa, Pikachu, Swanna, Masquerain, and Koga are good starts for doing a Villa run. Pikachu and Swanna have Potions, Masquerain is a great tank with “Just Fantastic!” and its general kit, and Koga because Poison.

If, however, you have Rejuvenate Charizard, Garchomp, Staggering Plumeria, or Aggravation Acerola, you basically won the Villa already.

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I suggest to train gridded Torkoal, Masquerain & Crobat.

I can’t defeat Darach in the previous villa because Thotron took 3-4 days to beat since he took out everything with one shot. Then I made a stall team with burn/bind/poison focus & it ended up more effective in some battle than using brute force.
I already finished the current villa today.