BB Discussion Thread



Hello Masters,

Yours truly was deemed fit enough by a certain completely benevolent AI to write about BB for the site here.

With a kit that can swing towards Support or as a main damage-dealer (against Avenger especially), I am actually rather curious about your ideas, intentions and experience with using BB.

The odd thing that arose, actually rather unsurprisingly, was that different members of the team used her for different purposes. Personally, I field her mainly when I need to deal with an Avenger via non-Berserker means or if I need some extreme cleansing capability. But many others on staff prefer her just for her support. Meanwhile, newer Masters will want to use her for a lot more situations until they can field more specific Arts compositions with class advantage or otherwise.

In any case, the writeup consider both roles, singularly and all at once. But in practice, which role do you see yourself make use of more often? (or both?)


Probably both. If anything, and if in ridiculously hard CQs, I’d probably pair her with a Holmes (if I get him) and maybe Tama to counter the part about her health. It’s true her health is relatively high, but she keeps receiving neutral damage which will slowly drain her away.

That also somewhat brings up the question about Black Grail. It’s understandable if you want to use her as a DPS, which you mentioned, but overall, I’m not very sure if I’d slap a Black Grail on her unless it’s Avengers maybe. Still, it’s probably a decent option, provided you can keep healing her? I understand there’s the 4 turn heal though, but regardless I don’t know if I can level her to 10/10/10 that fast XD

Just my two cents.


I like it! For strengths, “non-caster support” is worth explicitly calling out, kind of like what you did with Ozy and what I’m sure you’ll do with Lanling. BB is safe to field against Rider enemies, where Hans might feel extra squishy.

BB has really good NP gain…I saw you mentioned Cute Orangette. Would any other NP gain CE be a good fit there? Since you’re prioritizing BB’s cards, it wouldn’t feel as wasted as it would on Hans.

No Holy Night Supper or Golden Sumo? She could really use the attack boost and Golden Sumo stacks multiplicatively with her territory creation and self-mod.

Also, it might be worth calling out how easy her mats are. Caster gems have generous drop rates in the training grounds and she needs the other materials in small quantities/aren’t too painful to farm. So unless rider gems are a blocker, she’s quite easy to max.


You should have said “kouhai” a few more times in the article, someone might miss it


I’d probably end up using her more as a hybrid. For some reason, I’ve always been more fond of hybrid units even in other games I’ve played.

Anyway, the first team that popped into my mind when I saw her skills and NP was Nero Bride + BB + Tamamo. BB + Tamamo NPs for NP Charging and healing, Bride’s skills for whichever purpose I need it for. Or I could have her with Saberlot rather than Bride, and have them alternate who gets the crits.

The only issue is the lack of any hard defensive skills (Tamamo’s NP Drain and BB’s Stun can only work for so long) so this would only really work if I can kill the enemy before they can kill me. :sweat_smile:

Against a tough ST enemy, Tamamo+BB+Mash came to mind, with BB playing DPS. With the right timing of skill and NP (and a lot of luck in some cases), I think it may even be possible to field this team against even an AoE NP enemy since Mash’s skills and NP stack heavy defense buffs, enough to trivialize even an NP’s damage. Jeanne could also replace Mash in this lineup (especially once her NP upgrade comes in since it would prevent the need to have BB remove the Stun, which may be a waste of healing).

As DPS, I could also pair her with Caster Gil for crits. I’ll probably be swimming in crit stars given her fairly high star gen. Or Hans if I need the more defensive option rather than Gil. While the crit buff would stack additively, I could also stagger it so she has a crit buff practically the entire time.

Hm… I’m sure I had other ideas but I can’t really remember them right now. XD

Regardless, I’m gonna have fun trying her out. BB+Mash=Kouhai Memes. :rofl:


Holmes the ultimate detective.
Now I need a tamadab for arts memes.


tamamo, bb and waver
for the basic arts meme

np charge, both on demand and on np
2 stuns,
2 np drains, 1 aoe and 1 st

np strength up, arts up, atk up, crit up
def buffs

now i just need a waver

bb, edison and tama prob works just as well

doesnt work as well as this
but a 20% battery, with consistent star gen, a skill that can lower her cd and etc


I really like BB’s kit design, it goes so well with her personality. Her offensive prowess seems very low at first glance, but the way she can basically “cheat” the game through constant NP spam, the ability to turn into a crit damage dealer, the ability to just stun targets and strip their evades/invincibility as well as constantly removing any debuffs they may use and prevent further ones from being applied and healing teammates along the way is very reminiscent of both her mischiveous nature, her origin as a nurse AI and her trickery to get around her inherent limitations. 10/10 designwise even if you disregard gameplay strength.


Space is an issue with CEs - often we forego some CEs that obviously work alright but aren’t as crucial.

Any hybrid CE or Starting NP Gauge will work just fine - but BB shouldn’t really be fielded in situations where you need an NP immediately, would she?


Then why put starting NP gauge on Tamamo? :)

I think it makes sense for those rare occasions where you need to burst down an avenger. But that’s not common enough to be recommendation-worthy, is the thinking?


Think of it like Prisma Cosmos but on a shorter timescale. Not all quests last long. You can get 80% frontloaded or 8% per turn.

Also Tamamo’s NP Gain is pretty bad unlike BB.


I’m going to be aiming for NP spamming. A Tamamo/BB NP spamming machine would be glorious!

As for how to go about the NP spamming, I’m thinking Crits. Critical Hits automatically double NP gain, so it makes sense to try and make all of BB’s hits Crits. With two 2030s on BB’s teammates, you should have sufficient star generation to make that work.

Tamamo would obviously be one of BB’s teammates, but the third one is a bit more in question. Waver seems like the most logical pick, seeing as he can jumpstart the NP spamming and provide buffs to Attack and Defense for the team. However, Nero Bride also makes sense for NP spamming.

On a side note, as I looked over BB’s stats again, I noticed an odd stat of hers: her Death Rate. BB’s Death Rate is a staggeringly low 0.60%, which means it should be virtually impossible to kill her with an “Inflict Death” skill. There aren’t many instances where avoiding “Death” is necessary, but BB is a sneaky cheat for them!


Do you know many many times I had to redo any quest in Camelot versus Nitocris or the Hassans? Ugh. Instant death resist is so underrated.


Some people are just lucky methinks. I think I repeated the Hassan battle at least 5 or 6 times.

It really sucks that we can only feasibly use that particular game mechanic for farming. Even if it would be a cheap way to win boss fights, at the very least DW could make it deal massive damage instead if it procs. Like a super critical hit.


Then I’m the lucky one, methinks xD
But regardless, BB is quite versatile. That is probably undisputed.


i would like to introduce you all to
my favorite cq of all time
(go to act 6)
grampa hassan and actually 100 hassans

Grace of the Dead Spirits Increase resistance to all attacks (x19)
※ This effect does not expire and cannot be removed by normal means.
※ One is removed every time 「Sublimation of the Soul」 is triggered.
Sudden Death Rate Up Increase chance of inflicting Death
※ This effect does not expire and cannot be removed.



I’m actually looking forward to those exhibition matches. I enjoyed last year’s Nero Fest and this year we have double the challenges.

Granted, half of them are reruns of last year’s, but now I get to try them again with a different team.


Ngl, I am looking forward to whacking the assassins to a pulp. Where’s my Medea?


Same, I am looking forward to the Nerofest CQs :P


Oh, I’m definitely looking forward to Nerofest this year. Last year I was a new player with a sorely underdeveloped roster. I managed to solo 5/7 exhibition matches with the appropriate friend supports, but this year I’ll be able to tackle the quests with my own roster which is gonna be a lot more fun.