BB or MHXX, which servant should i raise first?

Hello fellow masters,

Recent roll did gave me both MHXX and BB. While i consider them both as an excellent, 10 out of 10 waifu material and will treat them equally, i still cannot decide which servant should i invest in first for gameplay purposes?

Any suggestions guys? please let me know.

Thanks in advance XD

BB, as her uniquely strong card-locking gimmick is, well, unique. While only very rarely optimal (particularly when you already have the buffs and just want to NPXX), the ability to slam the enemy with say an NPQQ from Kintoki (Rider) (or any other DPS with strong NP uptime), is still passably effective at least.

XX by comparison is an odd duck in an odd class container with an also odd give-and-take, trade-off-filled kit (e.g. 1T invul + 1T ATK Up). They’re both luxury options fundamentally, but literally no one else specifically has BB’s ability to card-lock and the strength that can entail. (For the purposes of buff-stacking and damage racing it’s actually quite easy to do without even if you’re not trying to do a TA in general, though I phrased it in that very particular way for a reason.)
XX is always hitting neutral (x1.0 no less), is Arts meaning she’s slower/harder to enable than e.g. Merlin Smash or Skadi Slaughter if you’re after Big Numbers :tm:, and altogether is a very replaceable unit by virtue of her being meant to be so splashable without much else going for her.

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XX is the right choice

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I think she’s not that hard to super charge, with Casgil and Tamamo are highly accessible for players (by the virtue of non - limited servant). This is where the problem arise, since BB will be pretty much a deadweight after she use her 3rd skill and having 9 turn cool down NP battery doesn’t help her much in dealing damage.

Regardless, The potential of pulling off NP brave chain (maybe some art/quick cards for NP refund) can be uniquely strong.

I’m talking instant gauge-filling, not filling over time for which Tamamo is reasonably applicable (if you can survive the basic attacks). And the idea is that after your card-lock, you’ve already won or done enough to where your DPS and/or anchor can clean up anyway.