BB servant?

Hi all

I took a pretty long hiatus from the game… about over half a year.

Trying to see what I missed and catch back up - noticed I missed the BB event. How detrimental is not having this servant and when is she coming back? I currently have a lot of strong servants, but I don’t know much about moon/alter ego/new avengers/etc

Last time I was playing was casually during Gramp’s banner haha

Thank you!

You don’t need her, but she’s pretty good in arts stall comps.
In any case, she’ll be back in roughly 2 years, and to our knowledge, that’s the last time.

Moon Cancer is pretty Niche. Class advantage against Avengers, Disadvantage against Rulers.

BB in general is an Arts/ Crit? servant. Her HP is really good for a 4 star but her ATK is nothing special. She can add some support Arts teams with targeted heals and buff removal, but outside of being a Hard counter to Jalter she’s nothing amazing.

There are a few Avenger fights in our future (Shimosa has one!) but if you can manage the Avenger of Shinjuku battles in Shinjuku then you won’t miss her that much.

Outside of one particular challenge quest and some story fights in Shinjuku potentially being annoying to deal with, B B isn’t going to make or break you.

wow. clearly she needs to step her game up, in that case. I mean breaking masters is her entire role

though out of curiosity: which challenge quest?

Just go for Swimsuit BB instead :dash:

She’s needed for one Nerofest Quest. Other than that, she’s just a really good arts servant. You don’t miss much, but it kinda sucks if you’re and Arts guy

I found BB key to my arts stall against salter memorial quest; Jeanne, Mash, BB. BB’s np not only whittled down salter’s faster, but it helped charge Jeanne for each of salter’s np onslaughts. Plus her targetable heal and debuff removal on short cool down when anyone was in danger, plus a universal stun in case Jeanne needed another turn to charge up.