Be careful at Taiga CQ

I want to share my experience on this CQ.
So short story, I broke bar all the servant in this CQ (Nobu full HP, Jarcer full HP , Taiga 35k HP). All my servant dead, except Dantes who is buffed with Skadi + Waver, which should be enough to clear in one NP.

I attacked Nobu so I can charge NP and prevent Jarcher get water field. Somehow all my attacks crit and kill Nobu. Taiga NP Dantes, and he survived by the 1 HP gut with full NP charge.

So by this point, the field should be Burn & Forest because I attacked Nobu, but because Nobu is dead, somehow Taiga is having Forest & Water field.

So, what I can learn from this. Make sure the one who has field buff isn’t dead yet, or the most right position will have the field buff.

Not quite, the enemy servants change the field at the start of their turn. If they’re dead, then they can’t change the field. If you had attacked Nobu on the turn before you killed her, then the field would stay as burning and forest.

No, even there’s two fields active, only 1 servant hold the field buffs.

If Nobu wasn’t dead, she will held Burning & Forest field.
But because she’s dead, she can’t have Burning & Forest field. Idk how, but Taiga get Forest & Water field buff instead.

Btw clear the CQ after picking Saberlot as last man standing.

…No, there is nothing strange or mysterious here and no “the rightmost Servant will get buffs” nonsense at work, as far as I understand.
You killed Nobu in one turn, so she didn’t remove the buff from another servant who held it while you were attacking her and didn’t place her own buff. So there is no mystery here about how Taiga had that buff - she was the last to be attacked the turn before you killed Nobu.
The field buff simply wasn’t removed because there were no triggers to remove it - no Servant still alive has been attacked that turn and so their automatic skills didn’t activate and the buff remained in the same state.