Be Graceful - - how much would you use it off support?

Since Stheno graciously provided me with the means to get personal lessons, my 10k stash of mana prisms suddenly became 5k which isn’t enough to get Be Graceful and all the anniversary goodies in the shop. And since I now have personal lessons, I don’t have nearly the motivation to equip Be Graceful because that would bump out my Lunchtime. So purchasing is more for support lists.

Help me decide if I should try to get enough mp during summer event to still buy Be Graceful or just forget about it, continue buying out the shop, let Gilfest recharge reserves for the Teatime release.

I would use Be Graceful…

  • Often! Got to level up Artic!
  • Sometimes, when I’m not rushing bonds for the SQ before a banner ends
  • Only if it’s equipped to the servant I was going to use anyway
  • Why would I use Be Graceful when Lunchtime exists?
  • I don’t generally pick the bonus CE’s anyway

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Though it’s just for arctic, I might get it done in a 3 or 4 months, after that bond as usual, but that’s just me, others might want to concentrate on bond farming all the time, since that is almost never ending compared to MCs.


I just got it because Goredolf is there and he’s the best Part 2 character :fgo_coffee:

Since DDS gives more CE slots, i run every 10% boost (Master exp, Bond and MC exp) and Heroic Portrait. There’s no space for Be Graceful and nobody in my list has it (i would take that 15% increase).

There’s also the thing that sometimes i need to use Zerkerlot instead of Parvati and he needs F2004 most of the time…that MC is already maxed. I try to use Parvati as much as possible to level Artic.

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I picked it up just because it was my first opportunity to buy a shop CE, but I haven’t actually used it. I have so far preferred to flex my MLB 2030 on Skadi, as I feel it’s a more useful pick for players who might use her as a serious support (as opposed to DSS, where most would pick Lunchtime, anyway).

Would people like to see Be Graceful on Skadi?

After skadi banner is over… Must farm more bond sq… How many more can I get before solo banner returns next week :fgo_insane: already wrung out circe, ozy, mecha, vlad, summer shisho… Helena, Okada, lu bu are almost there, then bedi, Parvati, and the medeas aren’t too much farther… Just 50-70 more… :fgo_insane:

Otherwise I’d gladly take the be Graceful


I don’t usually have all that much of a choice of CE. I look for Servants with the support skills I need for whatever I’m hitting, and if I have a choice of CE after that that’s just lagniappe. If it’s an event I look for a good bonus CE, but more people have them in that case and except for challenge quests the support isn’t usually crucial.

I put it up on my Merlin, but it’s not really in demand yet.

It’s possible that more players will look for it later, but I think they are looking specifically for Skadi since she’s new, and also to bond farm.

If I put it on Skadi, it might get more use, but bond is still more popular than MC XP.

Bond Points/QPs > Everything else


There is just one way to make MC EXP as popular as Bond.

Anni5 campaign: “30 Quartz per each level up of Artic MC

That day, Goredolf will be on demand.

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I think I put it on the Extra slot with Jeanne. Skadi has Lunchtime and Merlin in All has Personal Training.

It’s going to get really complicated in a bit though when we get the mixed CEs that are like 10% Bond, 5% QP or 10% Bond, 5% MC and then 10% MC, 5% Master Level…I don’t really remember the mix that they have but there are quite a few of them combining 2 things.

W00t! New vocabulary word, get!

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I put it in my Merlin in All slot and the response has been mixed. But merlin is getting picked over skadi so hooray.

So far it sounds like I shouldn’t worry about buying it. Maybe I’ll reassess my mp levels towards the end of the offering period.


Don’t forget that we have GilFest coming before the next shop CEs come out. Unlimited lottos are yummy for MPs.

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Oh, is Gilfest starting before be Graceful is gone? For some reason I thought it was after. This is good civ

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be graceful doesnt feel as much satisfying as getting more bond points and getting close to next bond level

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I personally never pick mystic code CEs unless it’s the only option, I go for Lunchtime most of the time or in a serious battle I couldn’t beat the 1st time around 2030 or Prisma Cosmos. And when I’m QP farming I pick Mona Lisa. I’m not picking up Be Graceful myself as I need the MPs for Teatime coming this November, that and I rarely level my mystic codes seriously, they just get levelled as I use them.

No, I didn’t say that, I have no idea when Be Graceful leaves the shop. I meant that we’ll get GilFest before the next shop CEs come out, giving you ample time to restock in preparation.

We have Be graceful in shop for 113 more days currently, so about 3 months, so it should be there till October and Gilfest is in September I believe.

I put it in my Caster slot. There’s enough Lunctimes running around out there, and people were looking for Personal Lesson these past few weeks/months, so I wanna cater to that demand. I’ll probably keep Be Graceful there for a few months. Or when we get Teatime.